April 5, 2013

Kagome Kagome (Robotics;Notes)

Remember that creepy tune "Kagome Kagome" from Robotics;Notes that plays when Kimijima Kou hacked the pokecoms? The song "Kagome Kagome" originates from a Japanese children's game; almost like the English version of "Duck Duck Goose". You can read more about the history here.
The reason for this post is because I wanted to download this song and use it as my mobile ringtone. Furthermore, I wanted to share the file with others so they can do the same. This kind soul has created the sound file which you can download here.
Now let's hope I don't get any calls or texts during the middle of the night, otherwise I would totally freak out.
An extra special bonus for our Vocaloid fans: Here's a Miku and Luka adaptation of the Kagome song.