April 10, 2013

J-Music batch update

I have a heap of proper work sitting on the corner of my desk, calling my name, but instead I decide to publish an update on the J/anime-music that I'm interested in because procrastination is awesome.
  1. Let's start off with Miyano Mamoru's new single Kanon. It's the opening song of the anime Uta no Prince sama Maji Love 2000%. Download link is here.
    Thoughts: The song Kanon is amazing, but I think Mamo has sung better songs before. The second song THANK YOU is average - Is it just me or does the chorus of this song sound like J.Beiber's "Baby"? The third song FOREVER LULLABY is pretty plain.
  2. This is a big year for the band SID. It's their 10th year anniversary and they're doing a lot of events and productions in celebration. They recently released another single 恋におちて (Koi no ochite), which you can download here.
  3. Thoughts: Mao's voice never ceases to amaze me. Their first song has a calming jazz swing to it.
  4. 凛として時雨 (Ling tosite sigure)'s new album i'mperfect. This band provided the first OP to the anime Psycho Pass, abnormalize, which is also featured in this album. You can download it here.
    Thoughts: Ever since I heard their song from watching Psycho Pass, I've added this band to my 'radar' list. I like their unique rock and metal elements.
  5. GRANRODEO's new compilation album Granrodeo Greatest Hits - Gift Registry. This two-man rock band consists of vocalist Taniyama Kishow and e-ZUKA the guitarist. They composed and performed many anime OP and ED songs; such as those from Togainu no Chi, Kuroko no Basuke and Code:Breaker. You can download the album here.
    Thoughts: I've fallen in love with this band ever since I discovered that Taniyama was the vocalist of this band; Taniyama is one of my favourite seiyuus, voicing characters such as Natsuki from UtaPri, Ikki from Amnesia and Sloth from Shirokuma Cafe.
  6. 神谷浩史 (Kamiya Hiroshi)'s new mini album ハレイロ (Hareiro). Kamiya is another renowned seiyuu, voicing characters such as Otonashi from Angel Beats!, Rokuro from Brave10, Hibiki from Devil Survivor 2, Izaya from Durarara!! and Erekpyle from Ixion Saga DT.  You can download the album here.
    Thoughts: I think it's a challenging task for a seiyuu to produce their own music, because I think it's hard to distinguish which is their "true" voice, apart from their character voices with their respective character songs. I applaud Kamiya for his hard work in producing this album. Unfortunately, in some of his songs I can hear/feel his "true" voice wavering and instead I can picture certain characters he's voiced before singing the song. Nevertheless, I enjoyed this rather peaceful and gentle music.
    Well that's all from me now. Expect more updates in the following two months. April and May are big months in music releases this year, at least for bands which I'm interested in.  I think I should go and start my work now, while I patiently wait for another 5 hours until episode 2 of UtaPri is aired.