April 6, 2013

Intel Release Graphical Installer for Their Linux Drivers

The Intel Linux Graphics Installer provides a friendly way for downloading the latest Intel Linux graphics software stack.

Early in March, Intel –specifically the Intel Open Source Technology Centre– released a graphical installer providing Linux users with a friendly way for downloading the latest Intel-related open source Linux graphics components –for the more technical this includes:
  • the Intel core kernel driver
  • Mesa 3D rendering library, responsible for 3D rendering, OpenGL compatibility, GLES, etc.
  • the 2D renderer for the X Window stack (xf86-video-intel), also known as DDX.
  • libdrm –the “Direct Rendering Manager” library, for communication between user applications and the kernel
  • the Cairo graphics library, for 2D rendering and acceleration
  • vaapi-driver-intel –the APIs for hardware-accelerated video rendering, processing and output
  • initial support for Wayland
Intel Linux Graphics Installer automatically detects your hardware and system specifics and adds a software repository to your sources for keeping you up-to-date. The installer also performs a check to see if your system is running the latest drivers and, if not, it runs a system upgrade.