April 10, 2013

How we use our gadgets for everything

Nowadays, nearly everyone carries a smartphone in their pocket, whether it is an Android, Apple or Windows Phone, it contains everything about us and what we do with our devices. The ever expanding technology nowadays combines all traditional aspects of daily life into one device. How is that so?

I list some of the things I find that smartphones have replaced traditional ways of our daily lives. Whether we are at home, or on the go, the whole world is in our pocket.

The one major thing we use our devices is to call someone! This is the most important function on your smartphone. It won't be a phone if it doesn't have communication capabilities.

I haven't picked up a newspaper in ages. To get my latest news from around the world, I rely on Google News, Flipboard and many other reliable news apps on my Android. Newspapers are becoming more irrelevant nowadays.

TV and Entertainment
As similar to above, I rarely watch TV anymore. The shows are pretty boring on free to air and the news is limited to the local area. I only the shows on TV that I find interesting (which is rarely). Smartphones replace the traditional TV set-up for entertainment by bringing us on-demand videos we like and want to watch. Services like YouTube and Netflix has given us limitless amount of entertainment we need at a very small price.

Remember those days when we had large pockets that contained our brick phone, our USB MP3, that portable gaming device that would only last a few hours on battery and all the additional accessories that came with them. Now, it is the age of apps and we all play some sort of game on our smartphone.

Yeah, it's a given. Every single smartphone device would have some sort of weather app that indicates the forecast for the week. The weather app replaces the traditional thermometer stuck on your wall.

When I was in high school, I would always have a watch around my wrist all the time. It was essential as timing was everything at school (that is, running off to lunch breaks or making that last-minute dash for the school gates). Ever since I graduated, I have been using my phone as a watch ever since.

Who loves a good book? Now, why not own an entire collection without taking up space in your room! The power of digital content publishing has allowed us to have access to all the knowledge we want at anytime and any place. Services such as Amazon and Google have offered electronic book services for us to access.

Another important aspect of your smart device is it's social interaction capabilities. Everywhere you go, you will see some sort of advert by a company with a link to Facebook. Not only that, we also use our smart devices to interact with our friends through the use of online messaging services such as Skype, WhatsApp, KakaoTalk, LINE etc...

Now you can buy anything you want with just a click of a button. Launch that eBay app would you? Now you have access to everything that you could ever buy! Online shopping is slowly increasing to become the norm and will continue to do so.

The banks have finally caught up to the smartphone hype and released official apps of their own. These handy apps allows you to track your statements transactions and even allows you to pay your friends through the use of NFC technology. Banking on the go has never become easier thanks to your smartphone.

Need to frequently check your emails on the go? Or that last minute touch-up of that presentation that is due in about an hour? Believe it or not, your smart device is fully capable of doing that. With the rise in tablets, basic office tasks such as word processing and presentations are no big task for your smart device.

Ever since the smartphone came into play, traditional MP3s are being replaced by your smartphone. With the introduction of cloud music streaming services (such as iTunes, Amazon, Google Music) it is no surprise that no-one would want an MP3 anymore.

So, what do you use your smart device for? Everything is fused into one handy device. Literally, your phone can do anything you tell it to. Perhaps one day, we will combine the traditional desktop computer with our phone to become one central powerful device.