April 10, 2013

Google Music finally available in Australia

Australia has been left in the dark for quite some time since Google Music's debut. We had to go look for other music providers such as Amazon, Spotify, etc...to satisfy our music needs. However, along with the recent update to the Google Play Store, it seems 'Music' has been grated access to Australia!

Now, I am able to upload my music to Google Music and be able to access my music at anytime and anywhere. Google Music isn't just a web-based music player, it is also a music store as well allowing you to purchase music (much like iTunes etc...).

I would say "about time" that Google has finally released its products and services to other countries outside of the US. So, now I;m am giving it a go and uploading my music collection. Let's see how it goes. To everyone out there, have you used Google Music before? What are your thoughts?