April 19, 2013

Google+ Comments available on Blogger

If you are a Blogger user, you can now add Google+ Comments to your blog. Google announced the new commenting system today, which brings an experience Google+ users should be familiar with. Google+ Comments offer deep integration with the social network, and some nifty features.

Traditional commenting systems display comments posted directly on a blog post. With Google+ Comments, when someone posts publicly on Google+ about your post, all conversations appear alongside other comments.
Google+ Comments
When someone posts a comment, they have the option to share publicly or to their circles on Google+.
Google+ Comments
Comments are categorized by “Top Comments”, “Newest First”, and comments specifically from your circles. You can easily switch between all three. If someone shares a comment to a circle, you won’t be able to view the comments associated with it, unless you are in the circle.

To enable Google+ Comments, go to the Google+ tab on the Blogger homepage, and select “Use Google+ Comments.” This new commenting system could eventually make its way to WordPress blogs, but for the time being, Blogger offers a nice testing ground.