April 1, 2013

Google April Fools 2013

YouTube Shutting Down

Google kicked things off today with a video announcing that YouTube will no longer accept anymore entries starting midnight tonight through 2023. Why? Well after 8 years of uploads, it’s now time to go through all the videos and pick the winner of the best video. Of course it’s going to take a long time to go through each and every video to find the best one. They figured 10 years will be enough time to to declare the winner, but the problem is that you won’t be able to view any of the current videos when midnight strikes. The site will reopen when the winner is announced in 2013. Check out the video announcement below, which includes some cool cameos. I wonder which video would win?

Google Treasure Maps

This one isn’t just a joke, but it’s also a fun activity as well. Turns out the Google Maps Street View team found a treasure map belonging to the infamous pirate, William “Captain” Kidd. Just like any other treasure map, it has a bunch of encrypted symbols that need to be deciphered. The map is accessible to all by clicking here or on the “Treasure” button in the top right corner of the desktop version of Google Maps. So far no mobile version that we know of. They encourage everyone to work together by utilizing this Google Maps G+ page, which will hopefully result in figuring out Captain Kidd’s buried secrets.

Google+ Emoticon

Google+ Photos has a new enhancement in that you can now add stylized emotions to your photos. Just open any of your Google+ pictures in the lightbox and click on the smiley face at the top left. Google will automatically analyze the photo and put emotion icons on top of each person in the photo. Just hit the smiley face again to revert back to your original photo.

Introducing Google Nose

Google Nose Beta is now live and it allows you to search for smells. The mobile aroma indexing program now has a 15 million scentabyte database of smells from around the world. By intersecting photons with infrasound waves, Google Nose Beta temporarily aligns molecules to emulate a particular scent. So if you don’t have time to stop and smell the roses, let Google Nose Beta bring them to you.

Gmail Blue

Gmail Blue was part of the initial conception for Gmail when it was launched, but the technology just wasn’t there yet. The wait is over and Gmail Blue is here. It’s the same Gmail as before, just blue. I have no idea how I got along without it.

Improved Google Play Developer Console

You will need a Google Play Developer account in order to see this one. When adding a new app to Google Play, don’t just click on “Add New Application”. Why not try Google’s new option, “Add New Awesome Application”? By going for the latter, Google will help you build a new app based on “advanced machine learning algorithms” as well as numerous Google Employees.

Google Analytics now showing Space Station Traffic

The real time section of Google Analytics is now showing traffic from the International Space Station.