April 23, 2013

GAC: Introducing the userbar

With the announcement of change of the community picture of the GAC, other small announcement was made regarding the introduction of community banners and logos. Today's release of the official userbar is just one of the many new things that are coming.

What is a userbar?
A userbar is usually a signature in a forum, 350 pixels in width, by 19 pixels in height, which usually displays images and the font "Visitor" Displaying what the person likes, such as bands. They can be stacked, or fade into other userbars.

What do I do with it?
Well, you can attach it to your signature on the forums you frequently visit, to your email's signature, Google+ posts, blogs, websites etc...pretty much anywhere that represents you.

How do I download it?
Right-click image -> Save image as...

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