April 29, 2013

Dev Diary: G+ Anime Blog

If you follow the Anime community on Google+, you may have noted the recent release of an official website by the Moderator team.

Well, as part of the development team that brought about the G+ Anime website, I've been quite busy lately working on the next update.

What's next? Well, for one thing, there will be a new section called "Blogs". This section is dedicated to anime bloggers that would like to post stuff related to anime on the G+ Anime website.

Right now, I'm in the process of configuring a custom theme for WordPress (the system we are using for blogs) and it's quite a challenge. There are a lot of files that require adjustment and also most of them are mainly in PHP (which I'm not that familiar with).

We hope o get the update released by the next Weekend Event. If not, then it would be the next one after that!