April 18, 2013

Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge - Episode 3 [v.P]

Recap Ep 1: 

This anime is about a boy with hair cutting fetishes and a girl whose hair cannot be cut, and their fateful encounter. (Or so it seemed).

Recap Ep 2: 

We learnt that the girl, named Iwai, is the offspring of the Queen of Hair (I know... it's lame), who left two curses when she died, first of all her offspring would have cursed hair that cannot be cut, and secondly there would be people who owned special tools, called 'killing goods', and these tools would 'possess' their owners, called 'Authors', and force them to murder people. The Queen promised that whoever first kills Iwai gets to have a wish granted, namely the removal of the 'killing goods' curse. The MC's (male), called Haimura, ancestors owned a set of killing goods, namely a pair of scissors and said ancestor was involved in a huge murder crime; now that the killing good is in Haimura's hands, he has the urge, or rather the scissors force him to have a cutting fetish. After Haimura learned that other Authors are out to kill Iwai he swore that he will be the Queen's (Iwai) knight and protect her.

Ep 3:

Iwai and Haimura visit a beauty parlour. Iwai ends up making a new friend, the heiress of the beauty parlour and friend of Haimura, Kashiko. Kashiko notices something is different about Iwai's hair, she develops hair fetish.
In this ep a criminal with a hammer as a killing good is set to kill the Queen, and so what does Haimura do? Of course sleep over at Iwai's house (that only has one bed) all in the good call of 'protecting Iwai'. Good one Haimura, nothing suspicious there at all!
Here is your fan service. 
Oh look, more fan service. Yes she is butt naked and shoving her body against his. ... yeah...

At the 13 minute mark, I give up. I don't think I can tolerate watching this show any more. Unless someone can come and convince me otherwise, I hereby declare that I am dropping this show.