April 6, 2013

Android App Spotlight: Game Dev Story

Game Dev Story
Remember my blog post last year on Kairosoft? Well, since then, there have been even more Kairosoft games that have been released on the Play Store. It seems they release one new game every one or two months. Each game is unique and different from each other, but core gameplays is still very similar.

For this post, I would like to bring the spotlight to the game that started it all. That is, Game Dev Story. This was the very first game I bought from Kairosoft (and it was also their first game on the Android platform). I was instantly captivated by its simple yet intuitive gameplay. There is a freedom of choosing what to do with your "people" within the game.

Game Dev Story gives you a scenario, makes you the boss, and leaves you to do what you want. There is no set structure or path you have to follow. Everything is dependant on your actions. That is what makes this game (and all of Kairosoft's other games) so addictive to play!
Watching your little game company grow into a multi-billion dollar empire is so rewarding to accomplish. Even though this is just a simple simulation game, the core gameplay elements is all presented really well. You get to customise the game you want to make from its type and genre to how much money you want to spend researching it.

The game also allows you to manage your staff, hire/fire them, train then, give them item boosts and level them up. Each staff has their own respective roles from your standard Coder to your Hardware Engineer. It is all quite informative and requires a bit of strategy to try and create the best game ever!

Not only that, the game also throws in some nice events such as a games convention (where you show off your games and get popularity) as well as the annual game awards where you get a trophy and a cash prize for winning one of the 5 categories.

Overall, this game is simply fun, addictive, and hard to put down. Once you start, you cannot stop. It is definitely worth the $2.50 (it was $5.00 when it first came out).