April 4, 2013

5 things I want to see in Google+ Communities

I have been using Google+ Communities since Day 1 when it was unveiled last year in December. Since then, I have seen the overall experience improve which each update. I am glad that Google continues to listen to the user's feedback and regularly provide updates to its Google+ platform.

As a Moderator of the Google+ Anime Community, I have seen the advantages and disadvantages of the whole Google+ Community thing and I must say that I am quite impressed at how everything works.

The user experience is great, but there are some things I wished Google+ Communities should implement for end-users.
  1. Changeable Community categories for posts - I would love to see a function to allow users (or only Moderators) to change the category of a user's post. This would save time having to retype a post, or remove it (because it is in the wrong category).
  2. Moderator-only section - Managing a large community is quite difficult when you have a lot of Moderators. It's hard to organise community events and Moderator-only discussion without using a separate private community.
  3. Viewable edited posts - Sometimes we make typos or make the wrong comments and having viewable edited psots allows us to see previous posts before they were edited (good for fleshing out trolls and nasties as a Moderator of a community).
  4. Multiple roles - This is more of an extra feature than a needed feature. Multiple roles that allow users to perform limited Moderator tasks but cannot directly modify the Community sidebar.
  5. Announcement system/Sticky posts - Every community needs an announcements system, whether it is news, or community changes, it would be handy to make Moderator posts sticky (a the top) of the stream.
These are just some ideas I wish existed in Google+ Communities. Whether or not some of these feature may appear in future releases depends of the rest of the feedback Google gets. For now, I'm still happy with the current Google+ Communities set-up.