March 28, 2013

New Blogger Joins the Team

Hi! My name is Richard. I just recently joined the My Bubbletea Time team, it's quite an honor. I'll be focusing on anime themed blogs  feel free to contact me if you want suggestions based on your interests. I only recently got into blogging, and it's been really fun! My favorite anime (so far), is Kino no Tabi, I probably spend too much time watching anime. I run several online communities. I enjoy expressing my opinions; I like to look at things from a philosophical point of view. I'm currently studying to become a System Analyst.

Because there really isn't much to say about myself, I'm gonna explain how I came to joining this team, though it's quite a short story.  I created a community on the site Google+, and at the time we were short on moderators, so I invited Diluen to help with the community. Not too long after, I started blogging and Diluen was one of the few (if not the only) to visit my blog — seriously, getting people to visit your blog is hard. So, anyway, he liked my blogs and invited me to join this one. I'm very grateful to have given this opportunity!

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