March 31, 2013

PSotD - ねぐせ

Title: ねぐせ (Neguse)
Artist: Tamako Kitashirakawa (CV: Aya Suzaki)
Year: 2013
Notes: Tamako Market ED song. This song is cute and bubbly, very fitting for the anime. Tamako Market is a slice-of-life, comedy and romance anime; The story revolves around a young girl who is heir to a mochi shop, about her friendship troubles and a fat bird that can talk.
Although I'm not a fan of slice-of-life animes, I was able to survive the 12 episodes and actually enjoyed it; I found the art to be very cute.

DDL: here

MeMuMo: Down the Road by C2C

Title: Down the Road
Artist: C2C
Year: 2012
Comments: So my friend introduced me to some indie music a little while back and C2C was one of the bands he showed me. I instantly loved the tunes and it is probably my favorite indie band of all time. "Down the Road" is quite a catch song to listen to.

Fandom Creates its Own Episode

The first fan made episode of My Little Pony: Friendship is magic, was released today. My Little Pony fans have been looking forward to this for a long time, now. Created by FlamingoRichThe story is focused on Rainbow Dash. After boosting her natural abilities by way of science, she is able to do a Double Rainboom, which sends her to a distant land, where she meets a group of unique girls — The Powerpuff Girls.  It kept true to both series, and they portrayed the personalities of each character pretty well.  The art was excellent, almost matching the quality of real episodes. The voice actors mimicked the voices in real episodes pretty well. Quite a fun experience. It combines two of the greatest series ever released on television, and it does it in a unique fun way. You can find the episode on Youtube, here.

This was fun to watch

March 30, 2013

Uta no Prince sama - Maji Love 2000% Anime Trailer Streamed

5 days! 5 days!! Yes, there's only 5 days until the first airing of the second season of Uta no Prince sama (Maji Love 2000%), and to satisfy us fan(girl)s the production company has released two commercials/promotional videos early this morning.

Ghost in the Shell Arise Anime's Teaser Video Streamed

The official website for the Ghost in the Shell Arise project began streaming a new teaser for the anime.
The website also reavealed the design for the "Rojikoma" mechs. 
The Ghost in the Shell Arise anime, which consists of four 50-minute parts, will premier in Japanese theatres on June 22, and will then be available on Blu-ray Disc and DVD at retail on July 26. Kazuchika Kise (chief animation director for Otogi Zoshi, Blood-C: The Last Dark) will direct the series and design the characters, and Tow Ubukata (Le Chevalier D'Eon, Mardock Scramble) will handle series composition and the screenplay. Production I.G is producing the series, and Cornelius (Appleseed: Ex Machina) will compose the music.

The series will star Maaya Sakamoto as Mokoto Kusanagi, Kenichirou Matsuda as Batou, Tarusuke Shingaki as Togusa, Tomoyuki Danas Ishikawa, Takurou Nakakuni as Saito, Youji Ueda as Paz, Kazuya Nakai as Borma, and Ikkyuu Juku as Daisuke Aramaki.

Source: ANN

Recorder and Randsell Comedy Anime Gets 3rd Seaso

The first two seasons of this comedy anime, with each episode only 3 minutes in length, was very enjoyable; It's about an older sister that looks like a pre-schooler and a younger brother that looks like an adult and their daily lives/troubles. I recommend it to those who want a good laugh. - pumpkin_so77

Recorder and Randsell Mi, the third anime season based on Meme Higashiya's four-panel manga Recorder and Randsell, will premiere in Japan this July. Higashiya's story revolves around Atsushi Miyagawa and his sister Atsumi Miyagawa. Atsushi looks like an adult at 180 centimeters (about 71 inches) tall, but he is actually an elementary school boy. Atsumi looks like a little girl at 137 centimeters (54 inches) tall, but she is actually in high school.

The manga launched in Takeshobo's Manga Club Original magazine in 2007, and it also runs in Takeshobo's Manga Life Original magazine. 

Source: ANN

How To Reduce Aggressiveness

I'm gonna derail myself from my usual topic, and instead talk about something else. I'm gonna talk about aggression  and how it can be prevented. Aggression is a common trait among humans. Some of us can control it, better than others. We tend to get angry because of our ignorance. We attach ourselves to certain ideas of ourselves. We allow others to identify us with insults, and we get angry at them. It's highly illogical. When you think about it, anger is pointless, it has no use, it doesn't help us in any way. It hold us back. So, how come humans haven't removed that trait throughout our evolution? Why do we always tend to think so primitively? I think it's because of our inability to come to awareness. If we could, we would've removed pointless emotions such as anger a long time ago. 

Lightworks’ Linux Beta Gets April Release Date

Who said you can't do professional-grade video editing in Linux? Well, you can. Sort of.

The first public beta release of the Linux build of Lightworks is scheduled for April 30th. There is no obscure sign-up forms or limited time-frames to apply this time, just straight-up public availability. Isn't that great news for Linux-lovers who want to get some serious video editing done.

But don't get your hopes too high up. Lightworks does have a habit of dropping release dates and adjusting their schedules if necessary.

However, Lightworks is an awesome product with an awesome end-goal (being open-source) so we can forgive a few slip-ups here and there.

xkcd: Humming

Well, we all have a smartphone in our pocket nowadays, whether it is an Android, Apple, or others. This latest xkcd comic strip makes fun of the popular music recognition software such as Shazam and SoundHound and integrating it to our daily lives.

[via xkcd]

Play an RPG made in Excel

Would you like to play an RPG made in Excel? Have a go at Cary Walkin's Arena. Walkin, a chartered accountant and MBA Candidate at the Schulich School of Business in Toronto, Canada, has created a fully fleshed role-playing game using nothing but Microsoft Excel. The rogue-like dungeon-crawler is massive. Four pre-programmed arenas are followed by procedurally generated dungeons that can lead to four different endings, so each play-through will run differently.

And what you find inside the arenas is amazing. There are over 2000 possible enemies; 15 unique items with 39 modifiers, leading to over 1000 possible item combinations with spells that let you enchant items yourself; eight boss encounters; 31 spells; and 36 achievements. As you play through the game, the story unfolds through a series of pop-up letters.

Walkin's game runs on Excel 2007 and Excel 2010, and you'll need to enable Macros in order to play (instructions for how to do this are linked from the Arena web page). Excel 2007, we should note, is experiencing a few issues, but Walkin will be issuing a fix this weekend.

Pick it up from Walkin's website here; and for more information about the game, you can visit the Arena Wiki here.

[via CNET]

Well, if your cable company was honest...

Well, we all use the internet nowadays at home and man, the internet plans aren't cheap and even if it is, you don't get that much allowance each month. Lucky Ilm on a decent plan with unlimited data usage, but for most people, that is just a dream.

That said, you may have already seen this, but this video is a mock cable company commercial from what Extremely Decent Films has dubbed "The First Honest Cable Company".

Warning: It is marginally NSFW depending on your work environment with the occasional swear word.

[via Techdirt]

March 29, 2013

Fullmetal Alchemist

A truly memorable anime. This series focuses on the lives of Edward and Alphonse Elric. It also focuses on Alchemy, a mysterious art that works almost by way of magic. It is the art of constructing, reconstructing and deconstructing matter. In order to use Alchemy, you must follow a certain law — in order to gain something you have to sacrifice something of equal value. The art of using Alchemy is known as transmutation. However, there is a taboo among alchemist, human transmutation is forbidden — for what could equal the value of a human life. 

Knowing all this, Edward and Alphonse attempt human transmutation, and the results are horrifying. Edward almost loses his little brother, but he manages to attach his brother's soul to a large suit of armor. While he did manage to save his brother's life, he paid the terrible price of his limbs. In order to get back what they've lost, the brothers embark on a journey to find the Philosopher's Stone that is said to amplify the powers of an alchemist enormously.

There are two series in the Fullmetal Alchemist franchise. Both follow the same synopsis. However, where they differ from each other is in the dept of the story, and how closely they follow the manga.

Fullmetal Alchemist

This series aired in October 4, 2003. I don't have much to say about this series because, although I truly enjoyed this series, there isn't much for me to say but how it differs form the later series. It's full of dramatic moments, and has some intense battles, too. The story ends with a movie that follows the end of the series. Basically, Edward ends up in our world, and has to find a way to get back to his world. Also, the way alchemy works differs greatly from the manga. Alchemy in Edward's world is a result of  many experiments done in our world. The energy released goes to his world, allowing people to use Alchemy. The series ends in a satisfying (yet confusing) way.  

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

This series aired April 6, 2009. This series closely follows the manga, and is in my opinion better than the previous one. It got me into watching more anime series, too. This series is also full of sad, dramatic, and intense moments, but I dare say the story is better. In this series not only do the Elrics need to recover what they've lost, but they also need to stop an evil mastermind from taking over the world. It takes the antagonists from the previous series and makes them a bit more interesting and stronger. You explore Edward's world more deeply in this story. Also, Alchemy's energy comes from the energy produced by the Earth's tectonic plates. Edward goes through some hard moments and you never really know whether to feel sad or happy, because the series constantly changes momentum in a genius way. The final battle is truly epic. It's a great series, and I highly recommend it.

If you enjoy anime that will mess with your emotions, both series are perfect for you. I loved the characters, and it never really got boring — not in the Brotherhood series, at least. The voice acting was perfect, and in both series the art was excellent. Both are action packed, with some occasional funny moments. Seeing how Edwards grows, the sacrifices he has to make, is invigorating. The original soundtracks for both series are excellent. Just listen to this:

Edward is very intelligent he's an alchemist prodigy. He can also be short headed. He hates it when people call him short, and has a profound hate towards milk. However, once he decides to learn something, he will not sleep for days and will continue his studies relentlessly. Alphonse is the level headed one, always calling out to Edward whenever he's rude to someone. He loves animals, and will often adopt stray animals and house them in his armor. Both are willing to sacrifice each other for each other. They share a bond that can't be broken, and give each other strength. Winry is Edward and Alphonse's childhood friend. She's responsible for giving maintenance to Edward's artificial limbs. She can be too aggressive, but will always be there when the Elrics need her.

I highly recommend both series. I hope you give at least one of them a chance, I can guarantee you will enjoy your time. 

Fullmetal Alchemist: 8/10
Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood: 10/10

Google Chrome 26 Released With Better Spell Checking, Desktop User Profile Access

Google has just released the latest stable update to  Chrome, version 26, adding in spell checker improvements, desktop shortcuts for multiple users profiles and support for Asynchronous DNS resolver.

The major new feature in Chrome 26 is an improved spell checker which now uses Google Search technology to provide grammar, proper nouns, homonyms, and context-sensitive spell checking. This is the same feature which was ported over to Google Docs earlier this year. Plus, it will also spell check real names as well, so you will never misspell Justin Bieber again!

Speaking of languages, dictionary support for Korean, Tamil and Albanian is now included. Custom dictionary words will now be synced across all your Chrome devices.

Minor changes to user profiles have been made, Windows users can now create desktop shortcuts for each user profile in Chrome. Finally, Asynchronous DNS resolver support has been added for Mac and Linux.

Chrome 26 also features a slue of security updates, making your browsing experience even more secure!
  • Use-after-free in Web Audio (Atte Kettunen)
  • Out-of-bounds read in URL loader (Cris Neckar).
  • Do not navigate dev tools upon drag and drop (Vsevolod Vlasov)
  • Use-after-free with pop-up windows in extensions (Mustafa Emre Acer).
  • Use-after-free in extension bookmarks API (Mustafa Emre Acer).
  • Ensure isolated web sites run in their own processes.
  • Avoid HTTP basic auth brute force attempts (t3553r)
  • Memory safety issues in the USB Apps API (Mustafa Emre Acer)
  • Check an extension’s permissions API usage again file permissions (Benjamin Kalman)
  • Avoid leaking URLs to extensions without the tabs permissions (Michael Vrable)
  • Avoid pasting active tags in certain situations (Subho Halder, Aditya Gupta, and Dev Kar of xys3c

GNOME 3.8 Released

GNOME 3.8, the latest version of the popular free desktop environment, has been released.

The fourth major update to the GNOME 3.x line, GNOME 3.8 brings many new features and functionality to its users, including enhanced applications and a focus on privacy.

Notable features:
  • New Settings Panes for Privacy & Notification
  • New ‘GNOME Classic’ mode
  • Revamped Search features in Activities Overview
  • New App Launching
  • Improved default apps
  • Two new ‘Preview’ Apps – Weather and Notes
Better Search Results Feature in 3.8 GNOME Classic Mode in 3.8 2 New Apps - Weather and Notes
The bad news is that getting GNOME 3.8 in Ubuntu isn’t easy.

Ubuntu 13.04 ships with GNOME 3.6 by default, the same version as available in Ubuntu 12.10. The good news is that much of the desktop can be upgraded to version 3.8 by adding the additional GNOME PPAs.

But if you’re using a release prior to that it’s unlikely that GNOME 3.8 will be ported backwards.

Devil Survivor 2 Anime's Theme Songs Previewed

In addition to the earlier promotional video, 
Pony Canyon is also streaming two new television commercials for Devil Survivor 2 The Animation on Wednesday. The commercials feature the opening theme song "Take Your Way" by livetune featuring Fukase (from the band End of the World/Sekai no Owari) and the ending theme song "Trauma / Be" by the Japanese hip-hop group Song Riders.

livetune and Fukase's single will ship on June 5, and Song Riders' single will ship on May 22. The producer kz has used Hatsune Miku vocals under his unit name livetune in the past; while he has contributed opening theme songs before, this is his first under the livetune name.

The anime series will adapt Atlus' Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2 Nintendo DS role-playing game. In the story, 13 Devil Messengers face the end of the world by mysterious invaders in seven days.

Seiji Kishi (Persona 4 The Animation) is directing the series, and Yoshimichi Hirai is the assistant director at the studio Bridge. Makoto Uezu is in charge of the series scripts, and Kotaro Nakagawa (Zettai Karen Children) is scoring the music.

Atlus USA released the original Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor Nintendo DS game in June 2009 in North America, and then released the enhanced port titled Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor Overclocked in August 2011. Atlus released the Devil Survivor 2video game in Japan in July 2011, and then Atlus USA released the game in North America in February 2012. Suzuhito Yasuda(Durarara!!, Yozakura Quartet) drew the main character designs for all three games. The second game will be ported to the Nintendo3DS system this summer under the name Devil Survivor 2: Break Code.

The original Devil Survivor game also inspired a manga adaptation from Satoru Matsuba (WARASIBE) that launched in Kodansha'sMonthly Shonen Sirius magazine last May.

The series will premiere on April 4 on MBS' "Animeism" programming block.

Source: ANN

Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! 'Contract Renewed' Teaser Aired

The final episode of the Tamako Market television anime series ended on Wednesday night (effectively early Thursday morning) with a teaser video for the Chūnibyō demo Koi ga Shitai! anime that simply stated, "Contract renewed." The show's official website also features a new visual (pictured at left) with the same words.

Source: ANN

Hakkenden: Eight Dogs of the East Anime Gets 2nd Season

The first season was amazingly delicious with a variety platter of ikemen, I'm glad second season gets an all-go! - pumpkin_so77

The May issue of Kadokawa Shoten's Asuka Ciel magazine is announcing on Saturday that a second season of the Hakkenden: Eight Dogs of the East television anime series has been green-it. The anime adapts Miyuki Abe's original manga that reimagines the setting from the classic Hakkenden samurai novel as a female-oriented story with supernatural elements.

The series stars the voice cast members Tetsuya Kakihara as Shino Inuzuka, Satoshi Hino as Sōsuke Inukawa, Ayahi Takagaki as Hamaji, and Nobuhiko Okamoto as Murasame. Other cast members include Daisuke Namikawa, Hiroshi Kamiya, Shinichiro Miki, Jun'ichi Miyake, Takuma Terashima, and Tomoaki Maeno.

The series premiered in Japan on January 5. Crunchyroll streamed the first season in various countries outside of Japan as it airs, and Sentai Filmworks licensed the first season for North America.

Source: ANN

Facebook holding Android event on April 4

Facebook event
So what is Facebook up to now?  Facebook is holding some sort of Android related event next Thursday in Menlo Park and has sent out a slew of press invites. Nobody is sure exactly what they have in store, but speculation runs from a better (working) Android application to the rumored HTC Myst Facebook phone.

There's also rumor of a "deeply integrated" Facebook experience built into the devices people will want to buy. Zuckerberg has been pretty adamant that building a phone is the wrong way to go, so this is certainly a possibility.  We're not sure exactly what to expect, but we know Facebook does things in grand style. We'll know more next week.

SPYAIR to provide the theme song for Matsuda Shota’s new drama

On March 27, it was revealed that 4-member rock band SPYAIR’s newest song “Niji” will be used as the theme song for the TBS drama “Sennyu Tantei Tokage”, which will begin airing every Thursday at 9PM starting on April 18.

Actor Matsuda Shota stars as a detective in the drama. The drama offers a different flavor of mystery and suspense as it follows a former elite police detective who possesses an overwhelming memory and his assistant as they solve difficult and unresolved cases. The drama is also reflective of human nature as the characters in the drama mature as they struggle to balance “oneself” with “one’s past.”

For a little backstory on the band, all of the SPYAIR members are from Aichi Prefecture and they were formed in 2005. In 2009, DJ ENZEL☆ who was a support member, joined the group. Last year, they were handpicked to provide the theme song for the Japanese release of the film “The Amazing Spiderman,” and in December, they performed for the first time ever at the Nippon Budokan in Tokyo. After their performance at the Nippon Budokan, ENZEL☆ left the group. This is the first song they have made as a four-man group and it was written specifically for the drama. The song is a brilliant rock ballad that encourages one to persevere and walk forth even when one is troubled.

The group plans on revealing the song on March 31 at Zepp Namba in Osaka.

Source & Image: OriconTokyohive

March 28, 2013

New Blogger Joins the Team

Hi! My name is Richard. I just recently joined the My Bubbletea Time team, it's quite an honor. I'll be focusing on anime themed blogs  feel free to contact me if you want suggestions based on your interests. I only recently got into blogging, and it's been really fun! My favorite anime (so far), is Kino no Tabi, I probably spend too much time watching anime. I run several online communities. I enjoy expressing my opinions; I like to look at things from a philosophical point of view. I'm currently studying to become a System Analyst.

Because there really isn't much to say about myself, I'm gonna explain how I came to joining this team, though it's quite a short story.  I created a community on the site Google+, and at the time we were short on moderators, so I invited Diluen to help with the community. Not too long after, I started blogging and Diluen was one of the few (if not the only) to visit my blog — seriously, getting people to visit your blog is hard. So, anyway, he liked my blogs and invited me to join this one. I'm very grateful to have given this opportunity!

Ain't that the truth

My Anime List

Nightcore MiKu MiKu DJ - My Soul, Your Beats! [Angel Beats!]

Here's a bonus post for those who like nightcore and Miku and Angel Beats!

【初音ミクappend VIVID】 My Soul, Your Beats! 【Angel Beats!】

While I'm rediscovering why Miku is so cute, here's another Miku cover of another good anime OP from Angel Beats!

Hatsune Miku - I want to be a cat

My friend linked me to this video today and I found myself to Miku singing in a baby voice along to a 8-bit tune. Ok, so it's not the best Vocaloid song out there (and it may take time to get used to the electronic singing), but it's cute nonetheless. Check it out below.

PopCap to launch Plants vs. Zombies 2 in summer

Seven long months ago we heard from PopCap that it’s planning to release the sequel to its popular tower defense action game, Plants vs. Zombies, in 2013 – though no specific date was mentioned.  Now it looks like the wait is almost over.

The developer has confirmed that Plants vs. Zombies 2 will be launched in “early summer”.

Unfortunately, that’s all about we know of the game so far, as no other details were given. But look at what those lucky Facebook users get to enjoy early. Plants vs. Zombies Adventures, a social adaptation of the game, is currently being rolled out in phases on Facebook.

It’s safe to assume that the real sequel will have some elements from the above. So if you like to stalk as well as play on the social network site, you will want to keep an eye out on PvZ Adventures.

[via Android Authority]

名前のない怪物 feat. 初音ミク and 結月ゆかり

Mash up one awesome Egoist (Supercell) song for an amazing anime (Psycho Pass) with Miku and you get:

How about trying mashing it up with Vocaloid3-Yuzuki Yukari:

'Featured Android Apps for Tablets' page now on Google Play website

Tablet Apps
Developers who spend time to make apps that look great on a tablet get a shout-out from Google on a new page at the Google Play site.

Google has put up a page at Google Play that focuses on apps designed with a tablet in mind. Android doesn't require applications to be specifically written for tablets, instead opting to allow developers to use UI elements like fragments to better utilize screen real estate on any device. But the truth of the matter is, most app developers aren't doing it. Hopefully, a chance to get featured by Google will jump start a bit more development in this area.

Google provides a good toolbox for it, and they have outreach programs for developers, but it still takes time and work to make you app look great on both a phone and a tablet. While Android is the market leader for smart phones, their tablet sales fall to a distant third behind Apple and Amazon. It makes sense for developers to focus on an app designed to look great on a smaller screen before he or she starts worrying about tablet-sized screens and the new challenges they bring.

It's nice to see Google give props to a handful (there's 116 apps featured) of applications that are awesome on your tablet, and we hope this list grows and grows.

March 27, 2013

Let Your Nails Sing With Vocaloid Colors

Apparently the Crypton vocaloids are now so identifiable that it just takes the right color to invoke an association. At least that's the implicit pitch. Piapro has unveiled a set of five nail polishes including Miku green, Rin and Len yellow, Luka pearl blue (as in her headphones), Meiko red and Kaito blue. They sell for 1,050 yen ($11).
Source: CR

Full Look at "Attack on Titan" Character Designs

The official site for Death Note/Highschool of the Dead director Tetsuro Araki and Production I.G subsidiary Studio Wit's adaptation of Hajime Isayama's Attack on Titan manga has posted a full roster of Kyoji Asano's (Psycho-Pass) character designs. And, while the distinctive look is sure to turn off some, for many, it's going to reignite anticipation for the looming April anime. 

The anime begins airing on April 7th!
Source: CR

Ymir - Saki Fujita

Reiner - Yoshimasa Hosoya

Armin - Marina Inoue

Mikasa - Yui Ishikawa

Sasha - Yu Kobayashi

Annie -  Yu Shimamura

Marco - Ryota Ohsaka

Bertholdt - Tomohisa Hashizume

Jean - Kishô Taniyama

Eren - Yuuki Kaji

Christa - Shiori Mikami

Conny - Hiro Shimono

Watch Vocaloid Artist Yori Draw in Wacom's Live Painting Video

Wacom, a company that makes digital drawing tablets, has added a new video with artist Yori to its "Drawing with Wacom" series on Wednesday. The video features Yori using the Cintiq 13HD, Wacom's new drawing tablet with a compact 13.3-inch LCD display.

Yori is best known for illustrating the music videos for Mikito-P's "Yi Er Fan Club" (1,2 Fan Club) and other songs. With vocals by Vocaloid idols Gumi and Kagamine Rin, "Yi Er Fan Club" has garnered over 1.9 million views on Niconico.

Source: ANN

Freezing Sci-Fi Action Anime Gets 2nd Season

The wraparound jacket band on the 18th volume of Dall-Young Lim and Kwang-Hyun Kim's Freezing manga is announcing on Wednesday that the second anime season has been green-lit. More information on the "anticipated" new season will be on the official website.

The anime adapts this manga about Kazuya, a boy who lost his sister in humankind's fight against beings from another dimension. He enrolls in a military academy for combat training against the dimensional beings. There, a group of girls known as "Pandora" prepare to fight the unknown enemy.

[via ANN]

Senran Kagura and sushi

This screen capture was from an episode of Senran Kagura. I found it humorous in a way that the statement made in the image could be true. Is there really nothing cuter than a girl happily eating a sushi roll? You decide for yourself.

Senran Kagura is a silly action comedy anime about a bunch of modern-day ninjas jumping around and training to become "super-ninjas". The anime was rather average and the story was a bit plain and boring. Otherwise, the art was quite good and the comedy will entertain you a bit. 

First Android-only 'Humble Mobile Bundle' now available

Today The Humble Bundle is introducing a mobile-only (and Android-only) "Humble Mobile Bundle", which is now available for your enjoyment. The Humble Bundle has been around for some time, and has also recently started including Android versions of games alongside Windows, Mac and Linux versions. This is the first time the bundle will only contain Android games, however.
  • Contre Jour
  • Anomaly Korea
  • Plants vs. Zombies
  • Bladeslinger
  • The Rooma
  • Metal Slug 3
If you're not familiar with the Humble Bundle system, it's a "pay what you want" model that lets you donate any amount you please and receive the first four games, and the last two games if you donate over the average. A portion of the proceeds also go to charity, which is great. The games are also DRM-free, which is a huge bonus.

March 26, 2013

Gmail app updated with unknown features and no change log

Gmail for Android has received another small update this afternoon and we have no idea what this update is all about. Google has not specified anything in the changelog which leaves us guessing what this update really is all about.

Stay tuned for an update once we have discovered what this update is. It is probably more bug fixes (generally that is what all updates do right?).

March 25, 2013

Top 5 Video Players 2013

So we all watch videos in our daily lives, whether YouTube or downloaded movies. For me, it would be watching anime. Here are my top 5 video players for Windows and Linux.

1. VLC Player

VLCVLC Player comes at #1 on my list. It is simply the best media player out there. It has plenty of features such as video streaming over network and it support multiple languages and plays almost anything you throw at it. I use it as my default player on Windows and my secondary player on Linux.

Pros: Plays almost everything you throw at it, multiple language support, has plenty of features
Cons: Confusing menus can be daunting to new users

2. Totem

Sunday, 2 October 2011Totem is a media player only found on the Linux platform. Like VLC, it supports many different file types (but not as much as VLC does) and is stock player on most Linux distros. It also supports DVD playback (which is a nice feature).

Pros: Comes with most Linux distros so you can instantly watch videos
Cons: It doesn't play some specific MKV files and does require additional download if codecs are missing

3. Media Player Classic - Home Cinema

Media Player Classic - Home Cinema is also another great alternative for VLC. It plays most media files you  throw at it and it is light on system resources.

Pros: Plays most files and is lightweight on system resources
Cons: Interface isn't that appealing

4. GNOME MPlayer

GNOME MPlayer is another video player that is only available on Linux platforms. It pretty much plays most file types and is quite similar to Totem player. Whatever Totem can't play, MPlayer should do the trick. It goes well with your existing video player as a backup.

Pros: Plays plenty of videos files perfectly, lots of customization options
Cons: Unappealing interface, requires some Linux knowledge to use

5. Windows Media Player

Windows Media Player screenshot.pngI know there are plenty of other players out there which I haven't mentioned (such as SMPlayer, GOM Player...) and I know they are pretty good. However, I must give #5 to WMP. Why? Well Windows Media Player comes with all Windows installation so it is right there when you need it. It plays all of the common media types and has a nice, clean interface. Most users will not need to look for another different media player and if they do, VLC is still the best alternative available.

March 24, 2013

Pumpkin's Palette: Winter 2013 Anime Tribute~

Click for larger view.
Winter 2013 Anime Tribute~Part 1: Amnesia/Tamako Market/Zestuen no Tempest/Psycho Pass/AnoHana.
Ixion Saga DT tribute coming soon!