February 18, 2013

Get some help with Market Helper

In case you happen to own a device that’s not supported by a certain application that you absolutely musth have, you may be interested in an app that deals with that problem, Market Helper.

Running Market Helper on your Android device will let your device steal the identity of a different device (handset or tablet) that’s compatible with the app you want but can’t otherwise download. According to the developer, the change is done without any modifications to the build.prop file “or any system files,” and once you get what you need, you can revert right back.

Unfortunately, while the app is available as a free download from the developer’s site, you’ll need to root your device to get it, as you won’t find it in the Google Play Store. In fact, in case you do a search on the Play store for “Market Helper” you’ll find an app that goes by that name, but it’s something completely different so don’t bother getting it, as it won’t offer any similar features.