February 12, 2013

Galaxy on Fire: Alliances announced, free-to-play MMO real-time strategy game for Android

Galaxy on Fire
If you are a fan of the Galaxy on Fire series by Fishlabs Entertainment, we have some great news for you. Galaxy on Fire: Alliances has just been announced, bringing the series into MMO real-time strategy territory.

The upcoming MMORTS will run on a proprietary game engine called ABYSS 3, the same engine used in the other Galaxy on Fire games. The game will also be cross-platform for iOS and Android users and will be fully rendered in 3D.

Galaxy on Fire: Alliances focuses on three different factions: the Terrans, Vossk and Niveliens. The game itself allows you to work with other human players to advance your colonies and fight against your enemies, or you can play out an “us against the world” strategy if you so prefer.

As you can see, this MMORTS could potentially be a lot of fun not only for current fans of the series, but RTS gamers in general. So when is it actually coming? Unfortunately, iOS gets the game first with the Android version to fully shortly thereafter. No exact word on release dates for either platform just yet.

[via Android Authority]