February 11, 2013

Android App Spotlight: Battle Cats

Battle Cats
There are plenty of popular games on the Android platform right now, but there are still quite a few gems here and there that is quite underrated and unappreciated in the Android community. One such game is Battle Cats., and frankly as the name suggests, that is what you do. Battle with cats in a turret defense style game.

It is quite a simple game to play and I'm sure anyone can pick it up and play. The game is played out in stages. Each stage is different and has a combination of different cats. You are on the right side, sending cats into battle, and your aim is to take over the opposing side. Simple? Yes. Challenging? Totally.

If are given a variety of cats to use in battle and each cat has it's own strengths and weaknesses. So you will have to plan wisely on which cat to send out. In addition to that, the XP you collect and the end of the level is used to upgrade your cats and other perks.

It is quite an addictive game to play, and you will find yourself hooked in playing this game.