January 7, 2013

What can we expect in Android 5.0?

The Android universe is expanding rapidly. Every year we see new phones with more and more newer technology. There is tons of apps and games on the platform and plenty of people are enjoying the Android experience. With Google I/O nearing, we can expect more great technology being revealed. So what is in it for the future of Android?

GTasksGoogle Now

Can we expect anything less from Google Now? Google Now is the search and voice assistant for Android. Faster and more accurate than the rest, it makes Siri look bad. Also, it has the cleanest interface ever. What it does is simply amazing.

Although Google Now is a great product, the voice actions are of course not that perfect. You have to take in many factors as well such as the environment you are in and how clear you pronounce words. However, these kind of things improve with feedback over time.

Google Tasks

Google Tasks takes your noted everywhere and anywhere. It is simple, clean and effective. By going all-in and adopting Tasks, Google could have a huge hit. Having that feature sync across multiple platforms would be the best part.


Project Butter

When Project Butter was announced with Android 4.1, or Jelly Bean, the initial reaction was “project what-now?”. However silly the name is, the proof is in the… butter. Scrolling and other gestures saw a remarkable improvement and it really made the entire Android experience better (bettah?). Like anything else, as good as it is, we want more.

Project Butter has room to grow, and I think it will. In a nutshell, Butter improves response time of your touch to the command given, making the whole experience faster and smoother. With so many improvements on the hardware side of things, there is no doubt we’ll see some improvements here. With faster processors come the ability to handle more info, giving Butter room to grow, or bloom, or whatever butter does.

Better lockscreen widgets

Better lock screen widgets, and more of them. Right now, Google’s selection of lock screen widgets is weak. If lock screen widgets are here to stay, we need some variety. Google has so many amazing services, it’s hard to believe it didn’t have more lock screen widgets available when it launched Jelly Bean. The possibilities are endless, really. A map widget for lock screens would be great, especially for travelers. With Ingress taking off, maybe we’ll see a widget available for it. It makes sense to have a Play Store widget, also. Linking directly to your revenue stream seems like a no-brainer for Google.

Longer Batter Life

Android needs a battery management widget. There are many apps and widgets available from developers. Good ones, too, but I’d like this kind of thing to be built right in to Android. It seems that everyone’s complaint with their awesome new Android phone rounds into a battery life discussion at some point. With so much focus on battery life, Google should really integrate some robust battery management features.