January 1, 2013

Top 10 Apps of 2012 by Google+ Users

Android Authority conducted a quick survey among Google+ users on which apps they thought were the best of 2012. Here are the results.

1. Google+. Not surprising, it's the Google+ app that was most wanted this year with constant im[rovements being made frequently.

2. Google Now. Get instant information fast with automated search and retrieval.
Google Search / Google Now

3. SwiftKey. Type the way you want. Fast. With SwiftKey, everything you type will be much faster than before.

4. Gmail. Well it's a given. Most Android users use Gmail don't they?

5. Evernote. Take notes on the go with cloud syncing and much more.

6. Google Play Music. You music. Right here. Right now.
Google Play Music

7. Google Chrome. Probably the best and fastest browser on Android. The tab syncing is pretty awesome indeed.

8. Spotify. Internet radio just got better.

9. DropBox. Whether you are at home or on the go, keep your documents safe and in the cloud for easy and instant retrieval.

10. Flipboard. A social news reader that makes reading new a bit more fun.