January 19, 2013

Linux Help: Your Nexus 7 to Linux Mint via MTP

I recently bought a Nexus 7 and I was quite happy with how it worked and everything. I was about to copy some files over to the device when I suddenly discovered that Linux Mint doesn't detect it at all! Then, I remembered that the latest Android operating system now uses the MTP protocol to transfer files to and from your device.

I quickly loaded up Google and rampaged through the Linux forus, hoping to find a solution. I tried many different suggestions; such as downloading gMTP (failed), using custom scripts (failed), and gvfs just doesn't work.

With all despair, I stumbled upon a post on WedbUp8. It gave a helpful tutorial in connecting your Nexus 7 to Linux by using Go-mtpfs.

Go-mtpfs is a FUSE filesystem, created by a Google employee because "mtpfs was very unstable" for him, which works great.

You can check out the video tutorial below.

To view the full tutorial, hit the source link above in the text and follow the instructions. If you are using Linux Mint 14, you will not need to install the Ubuntu Unity stuff.