January 18, 2013

Life: The jump from Windows to Linux Mint

So I decided to make the jump today from Windows 7 to Linux Mint 14. Why? Well for one thing, I definitely don't want to upgrade to Windows 8 whatsoever. Anyhow, mainly though, I have come to realisation that I am getting too old for games now. I'm past that stage in life where everyone brought their DS's to school and just play Mario Kart with each other during lunch times. Yes, those were good memories.

How does this have to do with my switch? Well, simple. I have always been a fan of the Linux operating system since by days in high school. I first discovered the Ubuntu operating system back in 2007 when it will still in it's early stages. I certainly didn't know what this Ubuntu 7.04 CD was, and it was just lying around at my friend's house. It seemed his Dad had ordered a free CD (yes it was free back then) and it had arrived in the mail. I found it really interesting as the cover of the CD had the words "free" and "operating system" on it. This sparked my interest and when I went back home, I did some research online.

When I found out that Ubuntu was a Linux operating system, I was full of amazement. There was actually some other operating system besides Windows and Mac! I quickly downloaded it and installed it to my desktop. At first, I didn't know what I was doing and most of the time just fumbling around and clicking everything I saw. But as time progressed and with the help of Google, I quickly learnt the ways around using Ubuntu. Of course though, I found Linux to be a bit cumbersome and not really user friendly to the new user, and it certainly couldn't replace my beloved Windows XP.

As time passed and I finished high school and moved on to university  I had more time to explore the wonders of the Linux operating system. Back in first year, the Android system had just come out and it wasn't as popular as it was today. My first Android phone was a LG Optimus; but that's another story for another day.

Moving on to present day. I am in my final year of uni and throughout the years at uni, I have played around with every version of Ubuntu and Linux Mint that came out since the start. I must say, I do really miss the operating system. Hence, I have decided to make the jump from my current Windows 7 to Linux Mint 14. No more Windows games for me! However, with the recent Steam progress on Linux, maybe gaming with the Windows guys may be possible after all.