January 31, 2013

Google+ update adds new notification tray and link posting

Google+ Notifications
The Google+ app for Android has been updated yet again and it brings some much need features such as an improved notification tray, posting links and Google+ Communities moderation tools. With the previous update, the app received a new post composition screen that lets you add a photo or mood to the post. This new update ands a "link" option between the two. Tapping it lets you manually add a URL, although most people will by copying/pasting links in. The main UI's notification tray has been moved from the side-bar into it's separate section in the top bar between the refresh and settings buttons. Tapping the number will bring out the whole notification tray.

The update also brings some much anticipated Google+ Communities moderation functions. Now, Moderators of a Community can either "Remove" or "Make Visible" posts that are flagged as spam in the community.