January 27, 2013

Chrome for Android getting password sync

Nearly all versions of Chrome currently support password sync. The ability to save your passwords and have them transferred to a new machine when you sign in there can be very useful. Going from a laptop to a desktop? Password sync will help making signing in easy. Inexplicably, this feature isn’t available on Google Chrome for Android.

Not having this feature on mobile wouldn’t be so bad if the iOS version didn’t already have it. So there is likely some resentment that they got theirs first. Considering the desktop version works too, that leaves Android in the dark as the only one that doesn’t have it.

However, according to Phandroid’s Quentyn Kennemer, Google states that it’s because it was easier to get it working for iOS than it was for Android. This is because of how Android handles user accounts. So never fear, Android fans, Google is working on it.

[via Android Authority]