January 21, 2013

Android App Spotlight: AirDroid

I recently bought a Nexus 7 and tried to connect it to my Linux operating system; but it didn't work. It seems that Linux still doesn't support MTP out-of-the-box natively and require some external software and tweaking to get it working. I tried many different methods but none of them worked. In the end, I decided to give AirDroid a try...and I was amazed.

AirDroid is a fast, free app that lets you wirelessly manage your Android from your favorite browser. Similar to an FTP server, you just download the app, connect to your WiFi network and open up the web address link on your PC.

AirDroid allows you to transfer files between your phoen to the PC. It also supports drag & drop! You can pretty much do everything with AirDroid just like you are using Windows Explorer. Not only that, you can also receive, send, forward and delete SMS messages, install apps, view photos, customize ringtones and much more! It is one killer app, and I would recommend it to anyone that has an Android. Best of all, it is free!