December 21, 2012

Steam Holiday Sale Includes Top Linux Titles

Steam Sale
Valve have kicked off their seasonal games sale on Steam – and many top Linux games are included. Steam sales are typically very generous, particularly if you catch on the infamous flash sales or daily deals. Check out the deals on the Steam website here. Every 12 hours gamers will also have the ability to vote for a specific game to be discounted.
steam linux games sale

Instant Upload Picks: Ramune

So I decided to try out Ramune (Japanese soft drink) the other day for the first time. It taste superb and nice and cold on a hot summer's day. I do recommend everyone to try it at least once. What makes Ramune special? The bottle is made out of glass and at the top there is a little glass marble floating there. The glass marble stops the drink from spilling out rapidly when you drink it!