December 1, 2012

Jet Set Radio grinds its way to Android devices

Sega has released a new game for us that should be received with open arms. For some, this will be all about the nostalgia. For others, a brand new experience filled with cell shaded graphics, police dodging, and tagging anything in sight with just enough spray paint. Welcome, to Jet Set Radio!

The story of this game is that several brightly colored and oddly dressed street gangs are battling it out in Tokyo to see who is the toughest group out there. While many games today would probably address this in the same way, Jet Set Radio did something completely different: battle by way of graffiti. Skating around the city and doing flips of every sort, all the while collecting spray paint cans is definitely a challenge. Add police and a Detective who doesn’t take stuff from anybody, and you have a game that will keep you glued to your device for quite some time.

This mobile version of the game sports high resolution visuals, the same catchy tunes from the original release, and more than 10 playable characters, all with their unique skill set. The only thing we can hope for is an update that will have controller support in the near future. While the virtual controls do work fine, having a real analog stick will make those turns a lot more smoother.

[via Android Authority]

PSotD - 名前のない怪物

Title: 名前のない怪物 (Namae no nai Kaibutsu/The nameless monster)
Artist: Egoist (Supercell)
Year: 2012
Notes: ED for the anime Psycho Pass.
Okay, where to start. Firstly, I think Psycho Pass is one of the best animes that is airing this season. The story is pretty deep, excellent character designs (the mangaka of Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, Amano Akira was the designer), and I really like the world that the story is set in. It's a really captivating anime - I highly recommend it! Next, the OP and ED songs are amazing, they capture the mysteriousness of the whole plot/setup. Well, really, anything by Supercell is awesome. Give this song a listen.

DDL: here. 

And here is someone's amazing guitar cover!