November 19, 2012

Anime Review: Haiyore! Nyaruko-san

Sometimes you just want to just forget everything and go silly. Well, that would be my opinion of Haiyore! Nyaruko-san. Although it's not the best parody comedy anime of all time, but it still gives a few laughs here and there.

Haiyore! Nyaruko-sanSynopsis:

"I'm Nyarlathotep, the creeping chaos always smiling beside you." But you can call her Nyaruko for short. One by one, the Great Ones from the Cthulhu mythos are coming to earth to target Nyaruko and her human friend Mahiro. He's utterly clueless about the true nature of his cosmic conflict and just wants to live in peace.


There are plenty of parody comedy anime out there and not many people know of them. Haiyore! Nyaruko-san would be one of them. I would say that it is described as an action, parody and comedy anime with some slight hint in ecchi. If I would say what this anime was about; I would say that it completely random. The story is supposed to be about a bunch of aliens of different races in conflict with each other; but then, something completely off-topic just happens and you get thrown off guard. That said, you cannot take this anime seriously. Even if it goes into full on "Space CQC" combat, in the end, it is all for some silly purpose. It felt like the jokes were a bit too childish and the comedy elements were slightly dry. I did notice some parody elements of Pokemon, Back to the Future, and other western culture influences. Somehow though, I think I entirely missed the point of the anime. That said, you would probably enjoy this anime much more if you actually knew what each and every parody element was referring to.

The art was quite well done and the animation was fluid. The characters themselves looked great and the environments were well laid out. However, I did notice some reuse in special effects animation which was a slight shame as the battles are quite solid. Other than that, facial expressions, object placement and camera shots were quite natural and correctly illustrated.

I had issues with voice acting in this anime. I found that most of the characters did not suit there voices at all. Mahiro sounds too deep and expressionless. Nyaruko's voice was too loud and too annoying. Constant screaming and high-pitched voice didn't make me enjoy the anime that much. Not to mention Cthuko's voice. It too was slightly unsuitable for the character. I don't know why the producers didn't use more suitable voice actors but surely, they would have noticed that the voice acting doesn't suit the characters at all. On the other hand, the theme songs were quite catchy and if not, a bit silly. Other than that, there were no other problems.

With unsuitable voice acting for most of the characters, it made them quite unmemorable and sometimes even annoying to watch. Take Mahiro for instance, I felt that he was too cruel to Nyaruko at the start. I felt bad for her to put up with the constant shut downs by Mahiro. Anyway, it wasn't just Mahiro that had problems; Nyaruko is just too lively and her constant obsessiveness to get closer to Mahiro is whichever way possible just got a bit annoying in the end. As for Cthuko, she is just plain too boring. To be honest, nine of the character made any sense and the anime does very little to explain any of the characters properly. You will find that there really anything to like about the characters at all.

In the end, I just rapidly watched through the series and disregarded the annoyances along the way. However, there were a few occasions which made me laugh and plenty of knowingly nods. Other than that, the story and character development is nothing to venture upon. The anime is probably more suited for people who loves the parody genre and just want some silly laughs. Other than that, don't take this seriously because it will not be worth your time.


ART: 8





Oops! December left out of People app in Android 4.2

Android 4.2 has been out for a few days (and it’s only available on a handful of Nexus devices) but it wouldn't be surprising to hear that no matter how thoroughly it was tested before release, the new software still has some bugs that will most likely be fixed in a future update.

However, the following error is not just a minor bug worth ignoring, it’s a major Android 4.2 blooper that should not happen in the house of Google, or anyone else’s for the matter.

The Android 4.2 People app does not have December included, so you can’t add birthdays for contacts that were born in the last month of the year. And it’s not like it’s lacking just December 2012. There’s no December in the app at all.

Luckily for Google, the error wasn't apparent from Android 4.2 launch day, and it took Nexus owners a few days to find it, so it’s not a major scandal yet. In fact, it’s one of the perks of Android’s fragmentation, as Android 4.2 is yet to make it to the vast majority of Android devices out there.

However, we should expect Google to issue a fix for it as fast as possible, because this kind of oversight opens doors to plenty of attacks from the competition, jokes and mockery.