October 28, 2012

How to get your Google back after installing Windows 8

If you have (accidentally) upgraded to Windows 8 and miss your Google by any chance, here is a easy and simply way to pin Google to your Start screen and install Google Chrome.
Google's website for Windows 8
The website, getyourgoogleback.com says that it should only take 2 minutes to install and pin the official Google Search app for Windows 8, as well as Google Chrome to your Start screen.

The 1-minute video is bound to make you feel good (which is probably intentional by Google) and you can watch it below.

Google Maps updated to show terrain and vegetation features

google maps
If you are a regular Google Maps user, you might know that the service offers a distinct Terrain layer, which shows various geographical features such as vegetation (forests), deserts, or mountain ranges.

Now Google (which has been improving the Maps service at a blistering pace lately) has merged the terrain layer into the default view, making it easier for outdoorsy users to find their way around. The improved app now shows terrain, color variations to depict vegetation, and labels for major natural land formations.

The Maps team provided examples of the difference between the old style maps and the improved ones, and some of them are quite striking.
Google Maps before the update
Google Maps after the update
[via Android Authority]