October 12, 2012

Dropbox app updated with refreshed UI and photo improvements

Who doesn't use DropBox nowadays, let alone cloud syncing software? DropBox has been the long-running king of all consumer-focused universal cloud storage solutions and it continues it's growth by updating its Android app with new features and refinements. The latest update, version 2,2, brings new UI for the entire app and several improvements around managing photos.

The blue and white contrast UI is still here but with a more intense blue, with small tab buttons on the top and more pronounced contrast with the white icons. Folder views are the same, except now your camera upload list is in its own tab with more of a "gallery" feel. Images are loaded with thumbnails and categorized by date. One tap on an image brings you to a full screen view with the normal favorite, share, export and delete keys. We're happy to see that Dropbox has also integrated the "holo" design standards insofar as the search and overflow settings button are concerned.

You can grab the update from the Play Store now.

Android Central Android Central

Play Store updated - brings new changes

The Play Store app has been updated once again and this time it brings many pleasing changes that will benefit everyone. The new update being push out is version 3.9.16 and it beings a new headline feature. You will now be able to remove unwanted applications from the 'All' tab in My Apps.

When opening said tab in the latest version, we're presented with a symbol at the side of each application which with a simple tap allows us to remove it from the list altogether. Equally, a long press allows for multiple apps to be selected for deletion at one time.

That's not all though. Also included is a slightly improved notification system for app updates, at least on Jelly Bean anyway. Taking advantage of the new expandable notifications, the update notification will now tell you which app, or apps -- up to the first few anyway. We're also seeing our position retained within a list, so when you pop in and out of app listings, you aren't returned to the top.

Android Central Android Central