September 29, 2012

Instant Upload Picks: Feeling pecky for Pocky

Well, I was shopping at an Asian grocery store the other day and I decided to look at the confectionery section and the first thing I saw was the bright golden letters on a familiar red box: Pocky. Ah yes, after seeing that I instantly craved for it. Perhaps from watching many slice of life animes that had these sweet chocolate-coated sticks just made me want to have some right away. The sound of a Pocky being snapped between your teeth is somewhat surprisingly addictive and you will find yourself with an empty packet in no time.

PowerAmp updated to support Jelly Bean devices

I have used PowerAmp the day it came out a few years back. It is one of the best music players on Android and with this latest update, it has gotten a little better. The recent update added quite a few new features and improvements, including rich notifications support for those running Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.

PowerAmp has gained a lot of popularity since it's initial release. Now it has over 15 million downloads for its free version, and 1 million downloads of the paid version.

The latest update mostly consists of bug fixes, stability improvements and general polishing. However, one important feature that is new to PowerAmp is the rich notifications that now allows music control directly from the notification pane on Jelly Bean. Also, audio in .flv format is now supported, and folder navigation can now extend to 10 levels deep.

In addition, several improvements has been made such as support for .wav and .wma files have been improved, support for more languages has been added, and widgets have been polished for several devices and ROMs.
PowerAmp has been a long favorite among the many music apps on the platform. Whilst most people only bother with MP3 and AAC files only, PowerAmp supports almost any audio format you can think of. Not just that, the app also includes support for visual themes, lyrics, and an awesome equalizer.

The developer of Poweramp has said that in the future, the app will continue to focus on what has made it popular so far: being a full-featured music player. Don’t expect video support or cloud streaming in Poweramp 3.0, just more features geared toward improving the music listening experience.

I totally recommend anyone that has an Android device to download PowerAmp and give it a go. It is fast, powerful and fluid. The free version has a 15-day trial with all featured enabled, so give it a go and test to see if you like it or not.

Day 3 of Play Store promotion brings more goodies

This is now Day 3 of Google's Play Store 25-cent apps promotion. The list is as below:

PSotD - Start it right away

Title: Start it right away
Artist: Hyadain
Year: 2012
Notes: First ending song from the anime Kuroko no Basuke.
>I'll give anyone a choc chip cookie if they can sing they chorus part.