September 26, 2012

PSotD - Rimfire

Title: Rimfire
Artist: Granrodeo
Year: 2012
Notes: Second opening song from the anime Kuroko no Basuke.
My dear bishies. (All MINE! Keep your hands off!)

Google Chrome 22 Offers 3D Gaming, 24 Bug Fixes

Downloadable immediately, Google's latest Chrome 22 Browser continues to add features aimed at helping the browser deliver more to its users.

The new Google Chrome Browser Version 22 includes a key improvement aimed at making 3D gaming enthusiasts happier – a Pointer Lock JavaScript API (also called Mouse Lock) that will allow more accurate gaming while using a computer mouse.

The upgrade was one of several features highlighting the latest stable release of Google Chrome, which was announced in a Sept. 25 post by Jason Kersey, technical program manager of the Google Chrome team, on the Google Chrome Releases blog page.

The latest Chrome 22 version also includes 24 bug fixes as well as Windows 8 enhancements and continuing improvements to the browser's interoperability with Apple's Retina screen technologies. The Retina screen support was first added in the previous version of Chrome, Version 21, back in August and is continuing to be polished, according to Kersey's post.

[via eWeek]

Chrome Theme: Cardboard Night

Well, I decided to make the Cardboard Night theme to complement the Cardboard Day theme a couple of weeks back. So here it is. Pretty much the same as the day version except it now features night! The would be perfect for dark colour scheme desktops.

Four games added to the Humble Bundle 6

The Humble Bundle has just added four more fantastic games to the latest bundle: BIT.TRIP RUNNER, Gratuitous Space Battles, Jamestown, and Wizorb! If you have already purchased the bundle, they should automatically show up on your download page. New customers can access them by paying more than the current average on the site.

All four added games are DRM-free and run on Windows, Mac, and Linux, come with soundtracks, and can optionally be redeemed on Steam and the Ubuntu Software Center!
The Humble Bundle ends in one week, so if you haven't bought it already, now's your chance!