September 24, 2012

Uta no Prince sama Live Event 2012 @ Yuubouto Hall

As our dedicated readers will know, I'm a die-hard fan of Uta no Prince sama. I was brimming with happiness tonight when I found a download link for the live event held in Japan earlier this year. Sure, the video quality isn't great, but I get to see and hear the amazing voices of my dearest Masato and Natsuki, my cute Syo, sexy Ren, hot Tokiya, and a somewhat annoying Ittoki. Unfortunately, this video is not English subbed. So please enjoy 2.5 hours worth of magic from the link below.

Ps. To the kind-hearted soul who uploaded this, I, and other fangirls, are forever grateful and indebted to you.

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu unleashes PV for “Fashion Monster”

The PV for Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s upcoming single, “Fashion Monster“, has been revealed through Warner Music Japan’s official YouTube channel!

“Fashion Monster” is Kyary’s 3rd single, and it’s scheduled for release on October 17th. This electronic rock number is written and composed by Nakata Yasutaka (capsule), and it serves as the CM song for apparel brand, ‘g.u.‘.

Source: TH

Check out the PV below!

Btooom! Survival Action Anime's TV Ads Streamed

The anime music production unit Flying Dog began streaming three commercials for the Btooom! survival action television anime series on Friday. The anime's main character Ryōta Sakamoto (as voiced by Kanata Hongou) narrates the 30-second commercial and the first 15-second commercial.

Junya Inoue's original manga centers around Sakamoto, a NEET (Not in Education, Employment, or Training) young man and a top-ranked player in the online combat game Btooom! One day, he wakes up on a tropical island without remembering how he got there. He sees a figure in the distance and asks for help. However, the figure responds by throwing something at Ryūta — a "BIM" bomb.

The anime from the studio MADHOUSE will begin airing in Japan on October 4, after streaming on the niconico (formerly Nico Nico Douga) video service beginning on October 8.

Source: ANN

Raise Hatsune Miku Into a Star in New Sega iOS/Android Game

Sega announced at Tokyo Game Show 2012 on Thursday that it will release Hatsune Miku Live Stage Producer, an Autumn 2012 iOS/Android game in which the player raises the Vocaloid idol Hatsune Miku and trains her to be a star. In the raising simulation game, the player assumes the role of a concert venue manager.
The player can select the set lists, stage design, and character design modules for Miku's special live concerts, roughly similar to Namco Bandai Games' The [email protected] franchise. The player can also train Miku to build up her singing, dancing, and even her onstage chatting. When Miku wins contests, she can receive new character design modules and accessory items.
The single-player game will be free to download, although there will be items with fees.

Source: AppBank via Hachima Kikō

K-ON! Portable GPS Car Navigator Revealed

The Japanese company RWC unveiled its portable GPS car navigation system with a K-ON! anime theme on Tuesday. The voices of the entire Ho-Kago Tea Time high school band — Yui (Aki Toyosaki), Ritsu (Satomi Satou), Mio (Yōko Hikasa), Mugi (Minako Kotobuki), and Azusa (Ayana Taketatsu) — guide the users to their destinations. The cast recorded 984 words in total for the device.

The system starts up with an image of a cassette tape with the words, “Ho-Kago Tea Time Navi” scribbled on it. A stylus in the shape of the neck of Yui's Guitar Gita is included, along with an original clear holder case (shaped like a cassette tape), detachable stand with cap, cigarette lighter DC plug, AC adapter, USB cable, manual, and quick-start guide. The map service is provided by Zenrin Chizu.

The system will go on sale in Japan on Saturday.
Source: ANN

Hatsune Miku Song 'Senbonzakura' Inspires Novel

Japanese publisher ASCII Media Works has announced that it will be publishing a novel adaptation of the Hatsune Miku song "Senbonzakura" (One Thousand Cherry Blossoms) written and composed by Kurousa-P.

In an interview about the new novel, ASCII Media Works editor-in-chief Takayasu Hatano noted that he cannot yet divulge the details of the novel's story, but he did note that because the original song is loved by so many, the staff is making sure that the original mood of the song is not harmed, and the novel will contain the same characteristics of the original song.

Hatano did reveal that the novel will feature Hatsune Miku, Kagamine Rin and Kagamine Len attending school, and the trio will wear the uniforms featured in Ittomaru's designs in the original music video. Ittomaru is also in charge of the character design and the original story for the upcoming novel.

When the original "Senbonzakura" music video was uploaded to Nico Nico Douga, it received more than 4.3 million views in less than a year. The song was also the second-most used song in Joysound's karaoke rankings for the first half of 2012. 

The novel is due out this winter.

Source: ANN

Life-Size Gundam Bust Made of Flowers, Shot on Camera

The self-described "Gundam videographer" darwinfish posted a video of "Flower Gundam," the life-size topiary bust of the title robot from the Mobile Suit Gundam anime. The topiary stands about 7 meters (about 23 feet) tall next to the full-length, life-size Gundam statue erected at the Diver City Tokyo plaza on Odaiba island.

The topiary will be on display from September 29 through October 28 to celebrate the "29th National Urban Greenery Fair Tokyo" event.

Source: ANN

Megaupload is prepping for a comeback

megauploadJanuary this year saw the U.S. Government destroy Megaupload, but founder Kim Dotcom is a not done with the file-hosting business yet and is preparing to come back with a vengeance. The coding work for the new Megaupload is nearly finished, the servers have been ordered, and investors are lining up. A return of the file-hosting site appears to be looming.

Dotcom previously announced that he planned to bring Megaupload back to life, and new information suggests that this may happen rather quickly. In an update this weekend he tweets that most of the work on the second incarnation of the site is already done.

From the brief progress update it’s clear that the site is on schedule for launch later this year. In addition, it’s interesting to note that despite the ongoing criminal case, partners and investors are happy to be involved.

It will be at least a few more weeks before the new Megaupload appears online, but there are exciting times ahead.