September 22, 2012

Minecraft Trailer Details Yet More Customization

There's absolutely no doubt the Mojang's Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition is hugely successful. A large reason behind that success is that the developer has continued to support the game after its release with frequent title updates. The 1.8.2 update, which will bring a plethora of changes to Minecraft, is waiting in the wings, but as it's not ready for release just yet, we've been inundated with trailers detailing the many things that will make this the most awesome update to a game ever.

Thus far, we've seen videos about Cave Spiders, New Mobs, and New Food, as well as screens showcasing decorations and enemies. Today's trailer details some of what you can accomplish in the update's Creative Mode. There is still no solid date for the update, but will be coming soon.