August 29, 2012

Anime Review: Sacred Seven

Sacred Seven is your typical shounen high school action superpower anime with the main protagonist starting with with tremendous power. Whether this is your type of anime depends on how much you like the cliché moments.

Sacred SevenSynopsis:

Alma Tandoji lives a lonely life. One day, Ruri Alba, a girl accompanied by her butler and maids, visits him. Knowing the power of Sacred Seven is latent within Alma, she asks him to lend her his powers. However, he refuses and drives her away since he injured many with his unusual strength in the past.

Meanwhile, a fiendish Dark Stone creature suddenly appears in this peaceful town in the Kanto region. Only Alma's power of Sacred Seven can fight against it. But Alma just lets his power run amuck and things begin to get worse. Ruri raised her gemstone in order to release his true abilities, My Soul I give to you. 

With Ruri's wishes engraved in it, will Alma be able to defeat the Dark Stone?


Sacred Seven has received mainly mixed reviews from people who have watched it. Where it excels is the character designs and the enjoyment of the battles. Where it falls short is in story and character development. The story is really linear, straight-forward and easy to understand. Those who want something in-depth and deep, this is not the anime for you. Sure enough, there is the odd explanation as to what is happening and why people will turn into Dark Stones, but in the end, it doesn't really make a difference. The anime starts of with Alma, a socially exclusive boy that has tremendous power from the beginning. He then encounters Ruri, which unlocks his true form. After that, he is pretty much invincible with all seven sacred powers at his disposal. It may seem over-powered for a character like him; but the way his character developed is quite interesting indeed. Oh, and you have to be a cliché fan to actually enjoy this, or else you might think its a bit childish.

The art was actually quite spectacularly illustrated and animated. The characters all looked great and I particularly loved the battle maids (and their cute uniforms). The characters all looked lively and full of expression. The anime also featured plenty of battles and weapons to keep you occupied.

Voice acting was really well done for the characters being represented. I had no issues with the clarity or dialogue in the anime. Theme songs were your typical action/adventure type dramatic music which did entertain me for a few minutes before I skipped them. Background music was also pleasantly present throughout the anime.

Character-wise, the development was rather limited to the basics and main story. You will definitely get to know Alma and Ruri better, but as for everything else, nothing really is explained properly. For example, why are there battle maids? What happen to so and so? I felt that the length of the anime was slightly too short to fit everything in and I felt some time was wasted for some filler sections (such as a beach and school trip episode).

In the end, it was light-weight entertainment that will keep you occupied for a few hours. Don't expect much deep detail or solid story-telling. For me, I enjoyed it as I could. If you can handle some cheesy dialogue and cliché moments, you will enjoy this anime.

Not the strongest story to tell and some bits were left out. A bit short in my opinion.

ART: 9
Spectacularly illustrated and animated. Characters all looked great and was full of emotion and expression.

Voice acting was perfect and theme songs were lively.

Some characters had limited development and others just felt it was put there as background characters.

The story could have been better in some ways such as plot twists and fights.

I enjoyed it for its funny moments and cheesiness in some parts. Not really an anime to take seriously.

Rovio teases new games, involves Pig's side of story

Rovio Angry Birds new game

Do you still play Angry Birds? For me, I haven't even finished the original Angry Birds game, and since then I pretty much have given up trying to do so. With many iterations of the same formula, Rovio has released a couple of sequels to the original game, all with similar successes. Well it seems that we might soon be getting a look at the other side of the story, as Rovio has started to hint at a new Angry Birds game that focuses on the pig's story.

At the moment, details are scarce. For now, only Facebook and Twitter pages have been set-up for a game rumoured to be called "Bad Piggies". The pigs have issued a pretty clear statement on the issue though through their own press release, concluding with the ‘fact’ that birds stink and pigs are awesome.

Rovio Angry Birds new game

Now that Rovio has started dropping hints about the game, it’s only a matter of time before we start getting more concrete information about it. What do you think of the idea of a pig-focused Angry Birds game? As if we didn’t waste enough of our free time addicted to Angry Birds and its many spin-offs, now we get yet another unique Rovio game.