August 20, 2012

Google Play enables smart app updates, conserving batteries

Google has enabled a Google Play feature that promises to save Android app users time and bandwidth.

The web giant is now offering the ability for app users to download delta updates from its Google Play, the folks over at Android Police have discovered.

Previously, an updated app meant downloading it again in full, which could put a strain on a device's battery if the app was large and the connection slow. The new smart downloads allows users to avoid downloading the app and send only the incremental difference between the old and new versions, thereby saving data for the app user and Google.

[via CNET]

PSotD - Make My Day!

Title: Make My Day!
Artist: Piko
Year: 2012
Notes: Another freakin' awesome song from Piko!
This is the opening song to the anime Binbougami ga! I highly recommend this comedy anime. 

DDL: Full single here