August 9, 2012

Want the Windows 8 wallpapers? Here you go.

Windows 8 RTM was leaked a few days back and the first thing everyone wanted was it's wallpapers. Deviant artist misaki2009 managed to extract and package the wallpapers for everyone to use.
Windows 8 wallpapers

Google search to include Gmail

Google's internet search engine is getting more personal by highlighting information drawn from its users' Gmail accounts on its main results page.

The feature announced overnight marks Google's latest attempt to deliver data that people are seeking more quickly as it tries to maintain the dominance of its lucrative internet search engine. Google is initially testing the feature with 1 million Gmail users who must sign up to participate. Gmail's more than 425 million users already can search within their e-mail accounts to find something they need, such as an order from or an airline reservation.

Now, Gmail users who join the trial will be shown a list of relevant e-mails on Google's main search results page if the correspondence contains a word entered in a search request. Google's Gmail faces a challenge from rival Microsoft which last month released its new cloud-based email service.

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Google's latest Olympics 2012 doodle: Slalom Canoe

London 2012 Slalom Canoe: Google’s 3rd playable doodle

Google has yet introduced another interactive doodle today, but a different one, as it takes you to the water course with a Slalom Canoe game. The London 2012 Slalom Canoe is the 14th and the third interactive Google’s doodle after Hurdles and Basketball in the ongoing Olympics. 

The playable doodle features a paddler with a yellow-coloured canoe which allows you paddle a canoe down a water course on your computers that has 10 downstream gates, marked with green striped poles. 

To adjust the speed of their canoes, users can use left and right arrow keys. The game goes like this- the speed of the canoe slows down on hitting the banks, water animals and sedimentary rocks, and you will score more if you paddle faster.

You can play it right now at: