August 4, 2012

EA and Firemonkeys Reveal 'Real Racing 3'

EA revealed yesterday that one of the greatest racing game franchises available on iOS and Android is getting a third installment. Real Racing 3 is on the way and, for the first time ever, we'll be able to race on real tracks from around the globe.

The Real Racing series was developed by Firemint in 2009 and the recently announced Firemonkeys team is excited to unveil a few features from the newest iteration of the series. Featuring all-new licensed tracks and a robust lineup of licensed cars from all-new manufacturers, Real Racing 3 is set to deliver a rich, next-gen racing experience with the most beautiful and authentic circuit racing available on mobile devices.

As for what cars will be available in-game, the only manufacturers EA has revealed so far are Porsche, Audi and Dodge, but that list is sure to grow before the game hits app stores. The real excitement comes from the addition of real, licensed race courses. As of right now Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca, Indianapolis Motor Speedway and Silverstone have been confirmed for the upcoming title. Players will also be able to compete against up to 21 other racers on a single track this time around.

No release date has been set in stone for the upcoming mobile racer, but EA and Firemonkeys say it will be available in 2012. Check out the Porsche-heavy announcement trailer below!

Temple Run hits 100M downloads in its first year

A year after its launch, Temple Run has had 100 million downloads of its addictive idol-snatching game. A third of these users are actually Android users. To be exact, 32 million are on Android devices, whilst 68 million are on iOS.

So, do you still play Temple Run? Sure, it's an addictive game to play. Sure, it's a pretty simple concept as there are no save points, puzzles, or a huge learning curve; but it is a great game for those moments when you have a bit of spare time to play a couple of rounds. You can download the free version of Temple Run from the Play Store.