August 1, 2012

Final Fantasy III comes to OUYA

With much time left until the OUYA is released, the new console is not only starting to gain trust of customers, but also some developers as well. Just a few days ago they announced OUYA will be supporting OnLive games and today, they also announced that Final Fantasy III will be available to OUYA players.

It is assumed that we will be seeing more popular game developers making announcements and partnering with OUYA in the future simply because the platform is based on the well-established Android system and as such, porting games to OUYA should be no problem at all. OUYA is based on Android 4 or later, so latest games should be no problem at all to run on the platform.


Japan Develops Fully Functional Human Piloted Mecha Robots

Japan has taken robotics to the next level. Suidobashi Heavy Industry has developed a fully functional mecha robot named Kuratas that can shoot rockets and 6,000 bullets per minute.
The mecha unit was debuted at Wonder Fest 2012 in Tokyo. It is about 4 meters high, weighs 4,500 kg and cost about $1.4 million USD.

Kuratas can be controlled by stepping into the one-man cockpit or on a smartphone using a 3G connection.
Pilots have a choice of 2 different weapons to use. The first is the LOHAS launcher which shoots rockets at its target. The second is a set of gatling guns capable of firing 6,000 rounds of ammunition every minute. The weapons system can lock on to targets and be activate by smiling.

Despite its limitations, Kuratas is another step towards the creation of futuristic war machines found in popular anime series such as Gundam. Japanese politicians have already stated that they would like to develop such machines.

Check out a video demonstration of Kuratas below:
Source: JPA

Google brings Hangouts to Gmail, for 10-way video-chatting

Google Hangouts has been perhaps the most innovative feature of Google+ as of today, and I think that Google should continue to improve on services like this because everyone just loves using them.

To use Hangouts, you normally need a Google+ account, and you can only use it inside the Google+ website. But Google has implemented Hangouts in Gmail by replacing the old 2-way video-chatting feature in Google Talk, with the 10-way video-chatting from Hangouts. There are also other technical changes that are supposed to make the service more reliable and offer higher quality videos:

Unlike the old video chat, which was based on peer-to-peer technology, Hangouts utilize the power of Google’s network to deliver higher reliability and enhanced quality. You’ll be able to chat with all the same people you did before and, in fact, with Hangouts you’ll now be able to reach them not only when they are using Gmail but also if they are on Google+ in the browser or on their Android or iOS devices.

Hopefully this is just the first step in unifying all of Google’s messaging products and in turning Hangouts into a much more popular and competitive product against its arch-enemy: Skype. Watch the following video to see how it works.

[via Android Authority]