July 31, 2012

July 2012 Recap

Hello all My Bubbletea Timers!

ChromeIt's the end of month recap again! Let's take a look at what has happened this month in the world of technology.

1st July was the day that Google Chrome was updated to version 20. The update brought about some bug fixes, enhancements and new mobile features.

Fan of the Final Fantasy series rejoiced on the 3rd July with Final Fantasy III finally released on Android for a pretty expensive $15.99. It was well worth it according to hardcore fans.

windows 8July 10th saw another release that we may or may not be anticipating was the announcement of the date that Windows 8 will be shipped.

Another exciting announced on the 17th July, revealed the Valve will be porting some popular games and its  'Steam' platform to Ubuntu/Linux users. This was a highly anticipated and requested for a long time now and many Linux fans worldwide rejoiced at this milestone.

Finally, July 30th uncovered the release dates of all regions for the new Pokemon Black 2 and Pokemon White 2 games on the Nintendo 3DS platform.

That wraps up this month's recap. It was a pretty quiet month with only a few announcements of new products and a couple of release dates confirmed. I am pretty sure August will give us plenty more interesting news to cover!