July 26, 2012

Nexus 7 - Google Apps

Following the last video by Google featuring the Nexus 7 in the bush, this time it features Google's apps. Whether you have a Nexus 7 or not, you might learn a thing or to from this video.

Nyan Cat in your Terminal

Ok, everyone has heard of Nyan Cat. If you haven't, then you are truly missing out on pretty much nothing. What Nyan Cat does practically is one of those endless loop animations that supposedly to entertain, intrigue or annoy the hell out of you.

Well, if you are a Linux user and seemlingly have endless time on hand, just pop open your terminal and spice up your terminal with the Nyan Cat animation.

To play Nyan Cat:

  • Open Terminal
  • Enter this command: telnet miku.acm.uiuc.edu