July 19, 2012

Windows 8 to launch on October 26

Grab your diaries or whatever time management organiser you are using because Microsoft has chosen the release date of Windows 8 to be on October 26th annocuing it in a blog post.

Microsoft's official image revealing that windows 8 will go on sale on october 26th 2012

So, will you be getting Windows 8 when it comes out on October 26th? As for me, I probably will not. I am quite happy with Windows 7 right now and I am quite unsure of how the new "Metro UI" will suit my everyday needs. Perhaps it is ore suited for touch-screen enabled devices but for desktops and laptops it can be quite tedious to use. It really depends on how the public will accept this new change.

[via The Register]

Nautilus updated in Ubuntu 12.10

nautilus 3.5.4 ubuntu 12.10 quantal

Nautilus 3.5.4 has been uploaded to the Ubuntu 12.10 repositories today, bringing some very important changes like a new GNOME 3 style toolbar, new "gear" menu, symbolic monochrome icons for the sidebars and others.

Check out the new toolbar and gear menu:
nautilus 3.5.4 ubuntu 12.10 quantal

nautilus 3.5.4 ubuntu 12.10 quantal

New "just type search":
nautilus 3.5.4 ubuntu 12.10 quantal

Symbolic icons for the sidebar:
nautilus 3.5.4 ubuntu 12.10 quantal

List view changes:
nautilus 3.5.4 ubuntu 12.10 quantal

You can check out the full changelog here.

[via WebUpd8]

IM+ 6.3 version brings improved battery life and support for more IM services

Like to avoid awkward real-life situations by pretending you’re busy and playing with your smartphone instead? Then it’s likely you’re quite familiar with IM+ for Android already. The ever popular instant messaging app has been updated by its developer, with one major revision being a significant improvement of battery usage.

Other features include a new message queue, which will queue all your messages if the network is down and automatically send them once it’s back up. Then there’s the option to set a master password for all of your accounts, grouping of accounts by contact list, preview for images and videos right in chat window, and more.

Version  6.3 of IM+ also comes with several new IM services, as it now supports mig33, SINA Weibo, Mamba Ru, and Fetion. No, we didn’t make up those names. Other oldies include support for Facebook Chat, MSN/Live Messenger, Google Talk, Yahoo!, AIM/iChat, ICQ, RenRen, VKontakte, Odnoklassniki Ru, Yandex IM, and Mail.Ru Agent. Skype, unfortunately, is only supported in the Pro version of IM+, which costs $4.99. If you already downloaded the regular version, you can simply make an in-app purchase to add Skype support.

IM+ also has an in-app messenger named Beep, which works across platforms (Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Windows Phone), in case you don’t find the many options of IM services listed above to be enough.  Check out the app on Google Play Store to start chit-chatting away.

[via Android Authority]