July 10, 2012

Facebook App Center now live

Facebook App Center is now rolling out across the globe with English-dominant countries getting early access to the service. As of this blog post's writing, the App Center can now be accessed in Australia.

Essentially an App Store for the mobile version of Facebook can be accessed though its application.

App Center is now available in the US, Australia, Canada, India, Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa and the UK. Other countries will be added to the list in the coming months.

Facebook has included a localisation tool for the App Center to aid its global roll-out.

The company said that it has over 901 million users on its website, 488 million of which access Facebook on their mobiles.

[via ZDNet]

Windows 8 delivery date confirmed

windows 8

According to Microsoft, it's latest Windows operating system, Windows 8, will be available for consumers from late October.

The software giant  is looking to update its platform for a variety of devices.

The new operating system's release will be three years after Windows 7 went public in October 2009. In addition, Windows 8 will be available in 109 languages across 231 markets worldwide. Windows 8 will be also available on smartphones and tablet computers making it the first single Windows operating system edition to be push to many different devices.

Windows 8 has been designed to be suited for touch screen devices and allows users readily to store and share personal data among various devices under the "SkyDrive" cloud computing service.

Microsoft said separately it would release a new version of Office software suited called Office 365 Open, which allows its partners to resell and get additional revenue from the product.

Will Windows 8 actually take off and be accepted by us, the end-users. Who knows? But certainly I will not buy Windows 8. Why? Because I really find the new "tiles" interface quite annoying to use with a mouse. Not everyone has a touch-screen desktop, and even if they did they would probably prefer keyboard and mouse input. That is just my opinion. What do you think?

Microsoft takes revenge: Kogan gone from Bing

Kogan tax

Remember that stunt Kogan pulled a while back by adding a "browser tax" on all customers that use Internet Explorer 7. Well, if you're expecting to find Kogan online using Bing, think again. You going to have to stop using Bing and actually use a proper search engine.

Online electronic retailer, Kogan claims Microsoft has removed its website from Bing's search results as punishment for discriminating against consumers who use Internet Explorer 7.

Last month saw the announcement of the tax on people who use Internet Explorer 7 to make purchases from its website, calling the browser antiquated and "long passed it use-by date", which is quite true in my opinion.

A quick Bing search will deliver results for Kogan's Wikipedia page, Facebook and Twitter, but the official Kogan.com is nowhere to be seen.

Is Microsoft that low to block a website just because it mentioned that one if its products is outdated when it actually is? Internet Explorer 7 is 5 years old now, and most of the web have evolved much since then. First thing comes to mind is HTML5 and Google's various inventions to improve web browsing experiences.

Seriously, people who still use Internet Explorer 7 are either arrogantly conformist or just technically impaired. It's time to move on and experience the web at its fullest. Google Chrome would be the first way to go to start your techno-life changing journey. Trust me, once you use Google Chrome, you will not turn back to Internet Explorer. Ever.