July 7, 2012

PSotD - Immoral

Title: Immoral
Artist: Piko
Year: 2011
Notes:  ♥  ♥ 


Android-based console? Orly?

What's this? A futuristic looking gadget of some sort. The device, codenamed "Ouya" is purposed to bring games to your TV like a mini-console. The device doesn't appear to have an official license from Google yet, and it's unclear if the developers intend to go that route.

The mini-console is touted that users will be able to hack the device in order to play unofficial game titles through the Android software. Of course, Android isn't exactly the biggest name in the world of mobile gaming. so making this a success would require a huge miracle.

It is expected that the Ouya will see for $99, making it a cheap alternative to other Android device such as the Kindle Fire and the upcoming Nexus 7.

Nothing has been announced yet, so it is all rumour and speculation at the moment.