July 3, 2012

PSotD - Magnet (ver. GakupoxLuka)

Title: Magnet
Artist/Composer: GakupoXLuka/ minato (ryuuseiP)
Year: 2009
Notes: At first I had doubts about this pairing, but it turns out the harmonies are pretty good. Luka's alto voice goes well with Gakupo's wide range.


Hatsune Miku Meat Buns to Be Unveiled in Japan

The official website for the collaboration between Hatsune Miku and FamilyMart convenience stores announced on Monday that "Mikuman" meat buns will be unveiled. The website noted that samples were offered at a recent presentation event in Tokyo.
Traditional nikuman are steamed buns made from flour dough and pork or other fillings. The collaboration website will add more details about the Hatsune Miku buns in the future.
The Vocaloid idol "hijacked" four stores as part of her "Many 39s Giving Day" (Miku no Hi Dai-Kanshasai) concert event in March and began offering limited edition "Sakura Miku" and "Snow Miku" goods. FamilyMart also launched its crowdsourced Hatsune Miku promotional campaign in March.

Source: ANN

Final Fantasy III on Android! Only $15.99!

Final Fantasy, the hugely popular role-playing game franchise which debuted back in 1987 and has had no less than 13 sequels and spin-offs these past 25 years, didn’t manage to find its way to Android, although an iOS version of FF III was released over a year ago.

The disappointment grew even more for hardcore mobile gamers across the globe back in March, when Square Enix decided to finally make an Android version of Final Fantasy available. But for some reason the game was a Japan-exclusive one, featuring only Japanese text and audio.

However, monster-slayers and adventurers living outside Japan finally have a special new reason to keep their Android devices close at all times, as Final Fantasy III is now available to download from Google Play (the US and European versions).

Based on the 3D remake of the Final Fantasy III game released for the first time in 1990, FF III for Android truly comes with breathtaking visuals, but also with intuitive touch-panels controls and a challenging storyline that will keep you glued to your smartphone or tablet for days or weeks in a row.

It’s pretty difficult to measure up exactly how much gameplay time there is in Final Fantasy III, but it’s pretty obvious that this is not your run-of-the-mill RPG to be completed in a week with just a couple of hours of game time every two days.

The initial feedback is more than favorable for Android’s FF III, with the game currently scoring a great 4.8 average mark out of 466 votes over in Google Play. And aside from the impressive visuals, smooth controls and challenging storyline, it’s also very nice to see that the game only requires Android 2.2 or up and that, at least as far as we know, it can be safely and smoothly run on any Android-based device released in the past few years.

On the flip side, Final Fantasy III does have one negative aspect that may drive users away from it and that’s the pricing. Square Enix’ latest release can be purchased for a pretty steep $15.99, which is well over (and in most cases double or triple) the price tag of any other Android RPG available out there.

So, would you buy it for $15.99? Is it worth the price to pay for this game?

[via Android Authority]