June 17, 2012

GACKT to Star in Live-Action Show of Sengoku Basara Game

CAPCOM's historical action game franchise Sengoku Basara is inspiring its first live-action television show next month, and actor/singer GACKT(Fûrin Kazan, New Fist of the North StarTono to IsshoShiki) will star in it as Oda Nobunaga (pictured far right). Sengoku Basara -Moonlight Party- will also star Kento Hayashi (Arakawa Under the Bridge) as Date Masamune (center) and Kōhei Takeda (Hana Zakari no Kimi-tachi e: Ikemen Paradise, Kamen Rider Kiva) as Sanada Yukimura (left). (Historical Japanese names are listed family name first, while modern names are listed family name last.)
Gackt will contribute the ending theme song "Hakuro."
The show will premiere on July 12 on MBS, and it will run every Thursday night at 1:25 a.m. (effectively early Friday morning).
Teehee, Gackt with a fake mustache! XD
Source: Animenewsnetwork.

Anime Review: Aria the Origination

Even good times must come to an end, and Aria the Origination is the ending that will give you full of emotions as you watch the trio become Prima Undines. It is a wonderful ending to a captivating and magical series.

Aria the OriginationSynopsis:

In Neo Venezia, Akari, Aika, and Alice continue to work diligently toward the day they become full-fledged Prima Undine (a professional tour guide gondolier). The girls have come far since they began their training, and they are slowly forming their own distinctive styles as tour guides for the city.

On the long journey towards their goal, the girls have relied on the advice of their seniors from their respective companies: the patient and understanding Alicia from Aria Company, the strict and proper Akira from Himeya Company, and the clumsy yet caring Athena from Orange Planet Company.

Will the girls be able to blend the advice from their mentors with their personally acquired knowledge of Neo Venezia to become praiseworthy Prima Undines?

Welcome once more to Neo Venezia; the city that personifies warmth and tranquillity.


A journey must be taken starting from your first step and the journey ends until you have reached your goal. Aria the Origination highlights this fact and presents a slow crescendo to a wonderful and emotional finish. The story is once again about the everyday life of these three girls as they explore even more of Neo Venezia  and show their true potential of become great Undines. With each episode you will be anticipating the "day" when they finally become Prima Undines. You will also get to experience more wonders of the city and clear relationship developments of the characters in this final series. The finale is both happy and sad at the same time; happy because they finally become Prima Undines and sad as they all follow their own paths towards their dreams.

The art was improved into high definition for this series. This added greater depth and detail to the backgrounds and sceneries as well as to the characters themselves within the anime. As mentioned in previous reviews, the Aria series' always had this "magical" effect that seem to make this anime come alive; and Aria the Origination does just that.

Voice acting was once again perfect with the same cast as with the sequels. The theme songs were dreamy, slow-paced, and quite relaxing to listen indeed. The subtle ambient music is also back with slow strums of melodious guitar pieces and the sounds of the ocean. These elements also make the city feel more "alive" throughout the anime.

More character development is shown here with the finale presenting us with Akari, Aika, and Alice in becoming Prima Undines one after the another. As events lead up to those special days, we see some doubts and fears that these girl have with becoming a Prima Undine. Will we still be friends? Will we see each other again? These questions are always lingering in the minds of these characters. In the end, everything works out and they overcome their fears with the help of each other.

Overall, it was nice to see a good ending to an engaging anime series. No doubt you would have felt some connection to the anime and to the characters themselves after watching the entire Aria series. For those who want to experience this magical experience, the best place to start would be Aria the Animation. My advice would be to not to speed watch the Aria series or else it would ruin the slow-paced, relaxing experience for you. This is one anime you want to spend a lot of time on and to slowly take in the details of the anime.

It was a wonderful ending to a relaxing series.

ART: 9
The art was improved this time with a high definition version.

Voice acting was perfect and the theme songs were nice and catchy. Superb use of background music here.

We come to love the characters throughout the series and Aria the Origination reveals one last time the character's thoughts and emotions.

In the end, it was one big happy ending. Everyone manages to follow their dreams and get their wishes fulfilled.

If you have watched the other Aria series then you definitely must finish off with Aria the Origination.

PSotD - Shiny Tale + Daily Lives of High School Boys Mini Review

Title: Shiny Tale
Artist: Mix Speaker's Inc.
Year: 2012
Notes: The opening song for the anime Daily Lives of High School Boys
I recently finished watching this anime and I found this anime hilarious. There are two things which I agree with this anime, 1) if you want to shut a girl up you need to give them chocolate, lots of chocolate, and 2) at some point in a girl's life, we would've pulled our skirts up to our chests and worn the skirt in an idiotic way.
Because of this anime I have found a new VK band to fall in love with, Mix Speaker's Inc.. Their music style reminds me of ViViD.

Mini Review:

Daily Lives of High School Boys: A laid back slice of life anime. For someone who loves action and horror this is definitely out of my comfort zone. Nevertheless, I enjoyed this anime very much. It's a big contrast to the usual full of suspense shounen adventure animes. Each story consists of short (approx. 5 minute) scenes. I found most of them quite funny and there were many times when I was literally rolling on my bed laughing (I was watching this on my bed). I had my dose of bishies and shouta, so I'm not complaining. There were also several of my favourite seiyuus participating in this anime, so no disagreements here. I loved the opening song, and I liked the background music for 'the literary girl'.
I would recommend this anime for those seeking comedy relief. It serves as a good breather between watching action packed animes.

One of my favourite scenes - from episode 7.
DDL: From AnimeMp3.