May 5, 2012

Android Tweaks: Alter the display resolution

With a rooted handset, the LCD density of a device's display can be altered. In simple terms the items on the screen are scaled down, which gives the display more of a hi-def feel. Although it doesn't exactly change your screen's resolution, it makes everything look smaller. This hack would be appropriate for phones that have lower than a 3.7" screen.

A. Root access browser
The hack involves altering system files so a file browser with root access is required. We're using Root Explorer. Install and open it. Select System, tap the Mount R/W button and long press on build.prop.

B. Alter the LCD settings
Select Open in Text Editor and localte the line ro.sf.lcd_density. Make a note of the current value and change it to a lower setting in increments of 20(but don;t go lower than 200). Press Menu then Save & Exit.

C. Apply changes
Open ROM Manager and select Fix Permissions. This will apply the new setting. Depending on your system, this automated process can take around five minutes to complete. Once finished the phone will reboot. Enjoy!