April 28, 2012

Australia Gets Google Play Movies

Google Play Movies

Finally about time that Australia has now been given access to Google Play Movies, as you can see by this screen shot. There's still a pretty big empty spot there, though, and that'd be for Google Music. Will we see expansion outside the U.S. any time now? Let's hope. When Google Music is finally available in Australia I will probably switch over to their services.

The Google Play Movies app can be downloaded from the Play Store. However, there have been many 1-star ratings an complaints of the app blocking access from rooted phones. My phone has been rooted and I need it to be to do my work. Why did Google do this? We don't know, but I was raging quite a bit. I hope Google listens to the users' opinions and change their minds. For now, looking at the prices listed, I probably won't be renting out movies any time soon.