March 19, 2012

Cut The Rope: Experiments is now available on Android

Cut the Rope: Experiments

ZeptoLab, creators of the hit-game Cut The Rope brings you its latest sequel, Cut The Rope: Experiements. You can now download Cut The Rope: Experiments on Google Play Store for $0.98.

The Android version of Cut the Rope: Experiments still features the same adorable Om Nom in the role of the candy-loving little green monster, along with some fresh gameplay elements, such as rope guns, suction cups, and rockets, being thrown into the mix. On top of a whopping 125 new levels that await your time and devotion, there’s a new storyline to keep things interesting.

If you’re not familiar with this physics-based puzzle game, the gameplay of Cut the Rope basically requires you to maneuver a piece of candy to Om Nom’s mouth by tackling a number of obstacles. These can range from cutting ropes, popping bubbles, and tapping air cushions, to manipulating other objects on the screen. It is not as simple as it sounds, and it gets quite addicitive. Download it now!

Project: KatarinaBot

Hey guys,

So I have started a new personal project to leep me occupied when I have free time. This will be a simple IRC chat bot to be added into the My Bubbletea Time's IRC channel. Right now, I have only built a stub build and the bot doesn't do anything at the moment except connect to the channel. The project home page can be found here. I will be posting any new updates to the blog as development progress. The details and changelog can be found on the project's page. The chat bot is developed in Java and it uses the PircBot Jave IRC API. The project is currently hosted on Google Code, and it is limited open source. You are able to view the source code and comment, but you are unable to make changes. I will be looking forward in developing this chat bot!

MegaBubbletea out.