March 6, 2012

Android News Highlights

Recent Android Highlights Till 6/3/12

Recent places searches now on mobile site

Android CentralGoogle has updated their site again, now featuring recent places search on the mobile homepage. If you have web history enabled, you are able to see your most recent place searches from the homepage. This gives you a scrollable list of places you've searched for on Google within the past 24 hours, providing quick access to phone numbers, map directions and other pertinent information. It's a pretty neat new feature that we're sure will save a few people some time and effort. And if you're creeped out by the fact that Google has a list of places you might be going to, you can get rid of it by disabling Web History in your Google Account.

Google opens Android Market app size up to 4GB
Android MarketIt seems that Google Android has updated their policy regarding the uploading of apps to its Market. Developers can now create and upload their apps up to 4GB in size. This means games that are larger than 50MB will be able to be downloaded only once from the Market without having in-app downloading. However, waiting for a 4GB download to your phone may not take to your liking, however it is highly unlikely that an app will take that much space. The updated code is available now in the Android SDK Manager, so look out for any big apps coming soon to the Market.

Adobe Flash Player for Android updated
Android CentralAdobe has updated Flash Player for Android once again. This time, the latest update features fixes to compatibility issues with Android 4 devices, performance improvements and bug fixes related to security and stability. However, some known issues remain that directly relate to Android 4 operating system. Otherwise, hit the Market on your Android device and download this latest update. it is good that Adobe continues to release updates after they announced that they will no longer develop newer versions of Flash for Android and other devices.