March 5, 2012

Chromed Part 2: Applied Extended Extensions

<- Continued from Part 1

With Chrome 15 released last year, came 'Extensions' that allows you to add functionality and enjoyment to your Google Chrome browser. In addition, 'Apps' were introduced that acts like a traditional system software but is all stored and configured online. This functionality was integrated into the Chromebooks which did not have much system storage. They were in fact, cloud-based devices that were constantly connected to the internet. The whole operating system was just similar to the Google Chrome browser. Now, I would like to share my 'Top 10 Apps & Extensions' you must install to your Chrome browser.

1) AdBlock
This is definitely a must-have extension for your browser. It blocks all kinds of annoying ads that randomly appear on webpages that you visit. It is essential if you are a regular use of the internet at home or at work.

2) Gmail App
If you are Gmail user (like the rest of us) then this app must definitely be installed to your app page. It links you straight to the Gmail home page.

3) Chat for Google
Chat for Google is an extended web application that allows you to communicate with your buddies even when your browser is closed. It acts like a standalone desktop program but in fact, it is running in the background with the Google Chrome service. It also checks if you have unread emails.

4) Facebook Notifications
If you do not keep a Facebook tab open but you don't want to miss a notification, then this extension is for you. It sits in your browser's toolbar and notifies you when you receive an alert.

5) Google+ Notifications
Does exactly the same as the Facebook Notifications extension.

6) YouTube
A handy web application that links you to the YouTube home page.

7) IE Tab
Do you have that web page that just doesn't want to open in Chrome? Then look no further, IE Tab will simulate opening the web page using the Internet Explorer engine.

8) Google News
Keep up with the latest news taken from all sources around the web. Know everything in one place.

9) Evernote Web
Evernote Web is a handy web application that allows you to easily take notes and web clipping right from your browser. No need to open Notepad anymore!

10) The Weather Channel
Check the weather from your browser.